Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Achievements guide

Eiyuden Chron Chronicle Rising Achievements guide. This guide will help you unlock all Trophies and Achievements, as well as hidden or secret achievements


Eiyuden Chronicle Rising Achievements – Full List

These are the Achievements & Trophies and how to unlock them.


  • The Road to Recovery – Complete your first side quest
  • One-Hundred Resident Record: Clear all resident quests
  • A Girl About Town: Complete your silver stamp card
  • Scavenger’s Honor – Bring CJ up to level 30
  • Full Force CJ: Completely enhance CJ’s weaponry and armor
  • Arms Master : Take all weapons of the party members to their maximum. Level
  • Armor Master : Take all members’ armor to the max. Level
  • Amateur Explorer: Get a total of 100 resources
  • Hopeful Hunter: Defeat 100 enemies
  • No Treasure Left: Get resources of all kinds
  • Natural Born Monster Killer: Take down all kinds of foes
  • On Outlander Lane – Use town facilities 10 Times
  • New Nevaeh’s No. 1 Customer: All town facilities
  • Gourmand: Eat max. level cuisine+
  • Accessorizer: Create a max. level accessory
  • Sommelier – Obtain maximum. level a consumable
  • Rune Scholar – Create a maximum. Create a max. rune
  • Money, Money: Get 100,000 baqua
  • First Time fishing: Take your first fish!
  • First Hunting Experience: Trap a Beast for the First Time
  • Elementum Primo – Destroy an Ellementum Pillar the first time
  • Fishing Master – Catch the maximum. grade fish
  • Meat Master – Obtain maximum. Grade meat
  • Elementum Masters: Dismantle all types of Elementum Pillars

Hidden or Secret Achievements

These are the Secret Trophies and Achievements, as well as how to unlock them.

  • Plenty More to Go: Complete your first main scenario quest
  • Partners: Garoo will team up with you
  • …And Your Income Tax: Join forces with Isha
  • No Bite, All Bark: Stop the Great Tree Fiend
  • Magical Mineral Golem – Defeat the Lode Golem from the Quarry
  • The Lords of the Snowpeak – Defeat the Blizzard brothers on the Snowpeak
  • The Lava Mantor Wirm: Take down the Lava Mantor Worm
  • This Treasure I Found: Complete all main scenario quests
  • The Go To Girl: Get the gold stamp card
  • The Pride of the Town – Complete the platinum stamp card
  • A Local Hero – Complete the black stamp card
  • One Mean Merc – Bring Garoo up to level 30
  • Adept for Acting Mayor: Bring Isha up to level 30
  • No Better: Any character can be brought to level 50
  • Full Force Garoo: Enhance Garoo’s weaponry and armor
  • Full Force Isha: Completely enhance Isha’s weaponry and armor
  • Explore the Great Forest…On Foot!
  • Explore the Quarry on Foot
  • The Snowpeak…On foot Discover every area of the Snowpeak
  • Explore Every Area of the Lava Ruins…On foot!
  • Explore Every Area on the Runebarrows…On foot!
  • Champion in the Great Forest – Defeat your boss on difficult difficulty in the Great Forest
  • Champion in the Quarry: Take down the Quarry boss on difficult difficulty
  • Rising Champion – Defeat the final boss in hard difficulty
  • Champion in the Snowpeak – Defeat your boss on Snowpeak’s hard difficulty
  • Champion in the Lava Ruins – Defeat the boss on Lava Ruins hard difficulty

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