Elden Ring – Deeproot Depths Rune Farm

This guide will show you how to use a rune farming glitch to earn 40k Runes in Deeproot Depths. The glitch can be very rewarding for the first timer. This is primarily for mid- to early game players.



This glitch allows you to cut out the map and deload it. All enemies will die as a result. The sudden increase in runes and other items is a result.

This glitch will be used in the Deeproot Depths. This method can be done in two ways. The second method is faster and more difficult. In case the first is too difficult, the second method is faster and more complicated.


Without the golden scarab, this rune farm in Deeproot Depths will produce approximately 40.000 runes. This can be repeated as many times you want. You will get numen runes the first time you use this glitch. Numrunes are not available again. They are only available once.

Rapid Method

This quick method is easy to set up. Spawn at Deeproot Depths’ site of grace.



Continue forward from here until you reach the ledge right below the finger-reading crone.


Do a sprint jump from the ledge by getting up.



Sprint jumping is a must. This is the most difficult part of the method. This method is the most effective.

You’ll sprint jump off the ledge, then wait for about a second before you double jump. If your camera looks like this, you know you did it correctly.



You must spam the attack button as you fall until you see something similar or runes and items appear.



Once you have your runes or other items, warp quickly back to the site for grace. Repeat as many times as you wish!


Longer Method

Because you must parkour to get to the correct height and distance to jump over the kill plane, this method can take longer. If you are struggling with sprint jumping, this method may be easier for you.


Similar setup. Spawn at Deeproot Depths’ site of grace.


Continue north-east until you find this thin root.



Double jump on it, then sprint up the root as fast as possible.



You can run up the root until you reach its trunk.


Jump on the branch to the left.


Continue to the west until you reach branches. Jump across to the root to the right.


Continue to the west along this root until the leaves appear on the branches.


Double jump onto the branches and then spam the attack button to get the runes and items.


Repeat the process as many times you wish!