Elden Ring – Fast Dark Moon Greatsword Exploit

Bye-bye, Lake of Rot! This guide you’ll discover how to obtain an DMGS at the Moonlight Altar plateau without progressing Ranni’s quest.

Where should you go and what you should bring

We’ll start with the converted tower located in the Southwest Liurnia in the Lakes region.

Create fetid pots from scratch, or make use of a weapon that has and Ash of War that does self-harm. I create fetid pots, and use poisonous poison on myself. You’ll be suicidal following this guide to get spawned on the top of the mountain over you.

How do I get there?

Begin at the tower that was converted and then walk as close as you can to the northwest edge of the Moonlight Altar plateau.

Take a ride up the rocks until you reach the top and then dismount.

Remove your gears to reduce the poison’s toxicity and then throw two poisonous pots on the rock wall to release poison. You can also try seppuku if that’s your preferred method of building. I was at the top of my game when I wrote this guide, and I needed to use six fetid pots.

DO NOT FORGET TO DISMOUNT!I tried the poison when being mounted onto Torrent and dropped to low to cause the stake to be activated by Marika.


That’s it! You’ll be spawned at the Ringleaders’ Evergaol and have the option of fighting Black Knife Tiche for her soul to ashes.

From there, you’ll take your own route towards The Cathedral of Manus Celes to locate the hole in which Ranni is seated. The cutscene from the quest will be played regardless of the progression of Ranni’s questline. I took on Ranni at the beginning of the game and I didn’t have the ring to offer her. I destroyed Astel however the barrier was still in place.