Elder Scrolls Online now adds pettable cat to the collection

Many pets can be found in Elder Scrolls Online. You can find dogs, cats, and senchees everywhere. There’s even a pet section so you can bring your little friend along with you on your adventures. However, no one can currently put on any of these pets.


High Isle has one pettable cat. Or at least, fans have found one pettable cat. Reddit user jozeeki shared this clip about the pair throwing up and swinging a cat before they jumped away. Interaction leads into a cutscene. This is a nice break from the skewering Daedra or thorny political conflicts.

Elder Scrolls Online: As mentioned above, Ip. New – Cosy by the Fire!

According to jozeeki these cats are located in Gonfalon bay, close to crafting’s wooden writing board. It is right next to the door to the crafting area. They promised to take a picture and update the thread so that other users can see this cat and be able to pet it. Don’t be surprised at the circle of people surrounding the cat in Gonfalon Bay.

This must be the best part of High Isle (in other words, if you aren’t writing a story or two), about elderscrollsonline.

There were many complaints and others asking ZOS to “give them a prompt like that with our pets”, but not all of them would be able to do this. He can build a Dwemer structure; a flying impass or mudcrabs are not as appealing.

Some people are more optimistic and speculative. “I wonder if this is a test to cutscenes or pet animations.” MaybeBethesda had a lot of pets for cats. Although it’s not as detailed or as expansive as the new card games, it’s still amazing to pet a cat. Some even joke that this is what they bought them on High Isle. Maybe they’re not joking.

The HDB has been removed and the latest Elder Scrolls Online expansion launched on PCit. This is a destination for the remainder of Breton where a peace meeting will take place to start the battle of the three banners. Pippin, a character from LOTR, will be voicing a new character who will detail Tales of Tribute.