Elon Musk stressed that Tesla will continue to hire new workers for production

The cut won’t have any effect on them in any way.

The book that first appeared published by CNBC and showed the initial text of the letter. In it, Elon Musk (Elon Musk) advised his subordinates of his plan to reduce the personnel count to 10% despite the projected increase in population. This clearly indicates that employees could reduce their salary by 10% and those earning hourly wages won’t be affected.


Image Source: Tesla.

The announcements and public’s statements are full of news.

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Tesla’s founder Tesla said that employees who make use of battery-powered electric motors and electric traction will not be charged with misdemeanors as will experts in installing solar panels. Additionally, the number of employees who pay hourly wages will rise. Elon Musk admits that in certain specific areas, employees of the company were over-stretched and are susceptible to a decrease of as much as ten percent.