Epics has free weekly game

Epic Game Store has given us the freebie for this week. This is a title I reviewed a while ago and I found it fascinating, Maneater. But we don’t return to the ocean as humans, but as mutating sharks. It’s free until Thursday.

This title will have you starting as a baby shark. You’ll need to learn how to eat fish and other small creatures in the water. You will gain more weight the more you eat. You’ll be able to eat bigger sharks if you have a higher level. You will then be so powerful that you can fight other sharks or alligators. Then, you’ll be extremely fierce. Check out my review to find out what we thought. It’s amazing that it was only two years ago.

Next week we’ll be able to find another title called Supraland. It’s a story-based game with similar content to Zelda and Metroid. This game is fun! It seems to have bright environments, colorful characters, puzzles, and intense combat to keep you busy. That is something I’ve never heard of. It was interesting to me to see what it actually is.