Evil God Korone Endings Guide – x2 Endings

Evil God Korone Endings Guide x2 Endings Find the two endings by following this guide. It includes a guide and the required steps


Evil God Korone Endings Guide – First Ending

To unlock the initial ending all you need to do is finish the game. If you’ve encountered a problem at some stage, we believe the most helpful thing to do is a walkthrough for the game. Take a look at out this Evil God Korone first-ever video guide written by Kari Pekka

We suggest that you read this guide solely to resolve any doubts, because obviously the game has spoilers. There is no chance of errors, once you have completed the game, you’ll get the first ending it’s as easy as that.

Evil God Korone Endings Guide Second Finale

The second option requires an outline because you need to meet certain criteria in order to obtain it:

You can clearly see that there is no problem in unlocking the second end, however, there aren’t many clues as to how to unlock it.