Fall Guys is adding Netflix’s Masters of the Universe to the game

Masters of the Universe will be collaborating with Fall Guys to create a crossover. It’ll feature in-game characters and a line of bean-shaped toys.

In the near future, the lighthearted battle royale game fall guys will launch a new crossover. Developer Mediatonic and toymaker Mattel have announced that Fall Guys will soon be launching a set of Masters of the Universe characters as well as versions to play in-game.

These figures will be available in a limited edition multipack, which includes four Fall Guys bean Masters of the Universe characters. Each character comes with four points of articulated and an accessory. He-Man receives his iconic Power Sword and Battle Cat gets his armoured helmet. These packs will be available through Mattel Creations when the presale opens, but San Diego Comic-Con attendees will have a chance to see them first.

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The companies announced that fans should be looking out for iconic MOTU characters who will soon join Fall Guys in game. In the press release, the date of their arrival in Fall Guys wasn’t revealed.

There have been crossovers between Fall Guys and Godzilla Ninja and Sonic the Hedgehog in the past.