Fallout 5 is behind Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 in the production queue at Bethesda Game Studios.

He said, “Yes, Elder Scrolls 6 has started production and, you know what, we’re going after Fallout 5, so our slate’s quite full going forward.” “We also have other projects we are interested in from time to time.”

Howard claimed that Starfield was developed in 2015. This means it has been in development since at least 7 years before it is released. Fallout fans may have to wait another decade, assuming that development for its next game takes as long.

Howard acknowledged that production times can take time in IGN interviews. He stated: “They take a while. I wish they came out quicker, I really do. We’re trying as hard to make them as fast as possible, but we want them be as good as they can for everyone.”

In 2021, the director stated to the same site that he was hesitant about outsourcing Fallout 5.

He said, “I don’t see… Look at Fallout’s really part of the DNA here,” seemingly downplaying the possibility of another studio taking over, but not completely excluding it.

He said, “We’ve worked together with other people from the time we had. I can’t predict what’s going to occur.” “You know, we have an overview of Fallout 5 and what we want to accomplish.”