Fast and Furious 10 Dispute with Vin Diesel is said to have led to the exit of Justin Lin

The news broke last week the director Justin Lin surprisingly said goodbye to the making of Fast & Furious 10 . The announcement raised questions, mostly because filming had already begun in the production. The Hollywood Reporter has provided some information about the director’s departure.


Since the beginning of filming, Lin is said to be increasingly irritated by the actions of the director and actor Vin Diesel and the Universal studio.

Based on the information, Lin assumed that he was the person in the charge of the screenplay and that he’d start filming after completing the script. The studio however did not agree and was reported to have sent writers to the location and this didn’t appear to meet with Lin. There are also a lot of ambiguities, including being aware that they haven’t found an actor be one of the film’s principal villains.

Vin Diesel didn’t make the director’s work easy. The main actor also is a producer and has a huge impact on how the director makes film. On the 23rd of April, Diesel and Lin reportedly were involved in a heated debate over a number of claims from the actor. The director then decided that he did not want risk his health in danger to make the film.

After a few days of the dispute The director and the studio came to an agreement to separate ways. For Universal however, this meant the director needed to be replaced immediately. Every day that was not shot is estimated that it would cost Universal about $1 million per day. Because the budget for Fast & Furious 10 is believed to be staggering $300 million, swift actions were required.

James Wan and David Leitch

The search for the right person is not straightforward. Directors such as F. Gary Gray, James Wan and David Leitch who have been involved in the franchise previously weren’t available and a new director was needed to assume the helm.

He is faced with a similar job ahead of him to work with the demands that are set by Vin Diesel and the studio. Based on The Hollywood Reporter, a Fast & Furious film often appears something more like a collage with Diesel frequently approving action scenes for the script to match with.

Universal is believed to have found a suitable replacement for the film Louis Leterrier . The director of films like The Transporter, Now You See Me The Transporter and Now You See Me the film The Transporter will be signed next week or next week and then start working immediately. Fast and Furious 10 is scheduled to be released in theaters May 18 2023.