Final Fantasy 14 account inactive? Square Enix gives away 4 days of free subscription

All players who have been inactive for three days or more are eligible for the Free Login Campaign for Final Fantasy XIV.

Let’s review: If you’ve already subscribed to Final Fantasy XIV but haven’t renewed it, you can log in again before the 30th June and play in real time for the final three days of your life (not in-game). As long as your account has not been renewed.

To continue playing with other players, your subscription will need to be renewed after four days of free play. Your profile might still be inactive. Square Enix hopes to offer old players the opportunity to explore Final Fantasy XIV’s new content, as well as the updated information on patch 6.1 Newfound Adventure. This includes new quests and dungeons, content for PvP, and many other features.

Final Fantasy 14 was ended with EndWalker, but Square Enix had already planned events for Final Fantasy XIV. However, the MMO will still be updated to keep its subscribers informed and gain new members.