Final Fantasy 7 Steam page update indicates Epic Exclusivity May End Soon

There have been many videogame anniversaries in the last two years that are hard to remember. These anniversaries are often forgotten by studios. Its Final Fantasy 7s will turn today. Today marks the 25th anniversary of the iconic RPG. There is more evidence that it would be simpler to purchase and play on the computer during the event.

Final Fantasy 7 is available almost everywhere in the PC Store. However, Epic Games Store was the only place where it could be purchased. Reddit users noticed a new update on the Steam pages for Final Fantasy 7Rs. This suggested that the game was being reopened. There are no rumors that Epic’s Games PC exclusive will end soon. Just in time to stream today’s anniversary stream.

After 14 days without any updates, a possible Final Fantasy 7 Remake Steam Page is accidentally updated. Added RoyaltyXIII. This stream is exactly six months after FFR’s first flight from Epic Games.

Today’s date doesn’t just hint at the fact that Epic will be removing FF7R from PC in the final hours of the day. Today’s stream is the ideal spot to present Part 2 so that it can be made available. We will not be able to confirm if the next chapter is available.

What tomorrow’s stream will bring? A free Steam version is available. There may be many remakes of the stream, due to the above and the aforementioned joke. Ever Crisis and First Soldier mobile game are the most likely to be played at the stream. We expect to find new items and a remastering of Crisis Core. This project may be being canceled due to licensing issues for the music used in Crisis Core.