A new leak has revealed the first gameplay of an unreleased Alpha of Warzone Mobile has been released. Here’s what Battle Royale looks like on the phones!

Warzone is one of the most played Battle Royale games in the world for two years now. It is set to reach a new player in the near future.

Warzone Mobile’s launch was announced in March, as gamers and those who play on mobiles eagerly await the news of the game.

Activision hasn’t released much information to date, but players have discovered some information about the game in leaks. For instance, a leak says these are the maps of Warzone mobile.

However, the most recent leak is the most damaging. This is what led to Warzone Mobile.



Following that the Warzone Mobile Store has closed more than 90 second of gameplay footage from the game has leaked on the internet.

The fact that Activision released an invitation to Warzone Mobile Closed Alpha, Warzone Mobile Closed Alpha a less than an entire week ago, the game is likely to be brand fresh.

The game was originally developed by @CoDPerseus has proven how Warzone Mobile is a pretty straight port of the console game and it’s a direct port of the PC version. In spite of the standard map of Verdansk the game is an unmasked version, with showers, and more than the usual car.

However, a few leaks suggest that there’s still an updated version of Verdansk available in Warzone Mobile.


Furthermore, it’s worth noting that all of the weapons are taken from Modern Warfare.

The date for the release of release of Modern Warfare Two release was confirmed, it’s sensible to expect Warzone Mobile to be in line with the MW theme, too.

We’ll hope that when you know, the public announcement is made regarding Warzone Mobile. Since the reported Warzone Mobile launch date falls scheduled for tomorrow isn’t too late to ask Actrivcision to release the game ahead of its launch.

A role-play set in Warzone is scheduled to begin in the near future.

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Rebs Gaming (@Rebs) June 5, 2022

In addition this, in addition, the Battle Royale sequel is a great deal more thrilling. The entire layout that is Warzone II was already revealed through a leak.

The map will also feature classic maps from the MW2. Warzone 2 will be loaded with massive gaming, and more!