FNAF Security Breach Escape Montgomery Gator

FNAF Security Breakage Montgomery Gator Escape – Five Nights at Freddy’s – The steps to beat Montgomery Gator and escape!


This guide will show you how to escape Montgomery Gator from the FNAF Security Breach


FNAF Security Breach Escape Montgomery Gator – Intro

It shouldn’t take long to get comfortable with the game and you won’t have any problems. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in this guide. We recommend at least one hour of play before you face challenges like these.

You should have reached the first chase if you’ve been playing for some time. If you still have not reached the Montgomery Gator chase, please refer to the Bubble Baby Tutorial.

FNAF Security Breach Escape Montgomery Gator Steps

Step 1: Follow Montgomery

Montgomery, a rare alligator, is slower that most of his relatives, who can reach speeds over 30 mph. However, he will try to beat you.

The scene will show you how to turn around and see Montgomery. You will need to follow Montgomery’s lead (use the skills learned in Fazbear’s turn tutorial).


Tip > Click “SHIFT” for sprint.

Step 2: End of the hallway

Just turn right when you reach the end of the hallway. Do not turn left as you will be led to a dead end by a chain link fence.

Tip > Touch Montgomery and you’ll die.

Step 3: Trash Cans


Be aware when you get to the room with the large set of trash bins. Follow the Left Path to reach the hall with the large set of trash cans.

Tip > Get eight hours sleep per night > “ESC”, = pause the video.

Step 4 Chica

Chica will be a surprise to you! Continue your escape to the metal staircase by turning around.


Tip Manage your sprint. It is better to take a break and recharge before you run out of energy.

Step 5

Once you have reached the top of the stairs, simply walk down The Hallway until you get to the office. The door will automatically lock when you enter the office.

Tip5 Strawberry ice cream in Montgomery


Step 6 – Enjoy your victory

What’s next? Wow! Congratulations! Congratulations!