Gala Games, the Web3 gaming giant Gala Games said it will release its blockchain-based games to Epic Games Store. Epic Games Store starting with the Wild West title Grit.

This is an important step in reducing the chance of risk and dangers associated with games using the use of non-fungible currency (NFTs) which make use of blockchain technology to verify unique digital objects and enable players to sell these items. The date of the start isn’t set yet, however there is an online store page.

Although Valve has banned games that require no entry, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney declared that Epic will allow them to be played on the store. The store is home to 194 million customers.

Gala Games hopes to become an established player in new games and introducing millions of players to this new form of entertainment while establishing its status as a leading player in the fast-growing Web3 games business. The number of players was low since the company faced important issues arising of the gaming experience on blockchain. To be able to reach the masses despite the fact that some gamers are unhappy about NFTs, the decision is now a goal for the majority of blockchain-based gaming companies that focus on top-quality content.


Horses can be ridden, or take on trains in Grit.

Git is a battle royale game that takes place within the Wild West, was built by Team Grit, is the first in a new sequence of Gala Games games that could be available on the Epic Games Store. This announcement is part of the first investment by Gala Games, the Web3 company. Gala recently unveiled the web-3 first-person shooter (FPS) that is part of the ax-alike studio, introduced Music Platform, as well as also announced the upcoming esport of the company Spider Tanks.

Epic is a pioneering and innovative company in the world of videogames. The games that are available at Gala Games available on Epic Game Store Epic Game Store give legitimacy to the new gaming genre that was proclaimed by John Osvald, president of Games at Gala Games. With acces to Web3 games, this is a pivotal point for gamers who aren’t yet aware of how digital ownership can improve the gaming experience.

Grit is built upon the Real Engine, real physics. Players will have to savor the ride, fight and race on the streets. The games of Grit are distinct in every game, from Train Chase to Golden Horse and promise spectacular shows and shootouts.

Players face an old-school gun collector against a gang of gunslingers. There are three modes to play: single, duo, and squad. There are shows on horses as well as steam-powered trains so players must make sure their weapons are well-trained. The free game is scheduled to begin in 2022.


There’s a gunfight in Grit.

To commemorate Galaverse (Junior 6-9 2022) today on Malta, Gala Games will provide a sale on The Gunslinger Box, which will allow the possibility of 10000 Grit avatars. Each character comes with its own advantages and characteristics that allow the owner to use the character as a game participant.

These adaptive symbols give a distinctive look at the character. Players can choose their preferred loadouts of certain weapons, and provide an advantage over other players. The sale starts this morning for Galaverse players and end at a time that’s increasing through the week. Node owners are allowed to open the door on June 7, in addition to Gala Gold is scheduled for June 8. The general public will have the chance to purchase The Gunslinger Box on June 9th. Every group will have entry to The Gunslinger Box for 12 hours.

We invested in the new ecosystem and were able to see the benefits Web3 could bring to the game’s gameplay added Jon Mavor, CTO of Team Grit. We’re thrilled to partner on the project with Gala Games and to visit the Epic Games store. Web3 will enhance the player’s experience within the Wild West.

Mavor along with Bob Berry started Team Grit. They’ve already made Planetary Annihilation and Monday Night Combat. Grits is the initial game that the team has created.

More details about Grit will be disclosed during the Galaverse series from June 6-8 in Malta.


Grit is an exuberant Wild West Battle Royale.

The company is working with newcomers such as Will Wright and Peter Molyneux and The Walking Dead.Osvald stated that the company’s primary goal is to keep gamers satisfied.

Gala is a Web3-based entertainment ecosystem that allows users to make money through their everyday entertainment, such as watching or listening. Through the realization of ownership through blockchain technology Gala is able to easily assume control of various entertainment options.

This is the case with games, in which players of Gala player is able to own items like the place where the game is played. If you’re not sure how to go about it you are able to sell your items as long as you can trade cryptocurrency.

Gala Games played successfully in the field of finance with small audiences on their Townstar as well as spider Tanks (beta) however, the aim is to turn millions of players to blockchain-based games.

Gala Games built the etherchain of its blockchain ecosystem by using GALA, the Gala Games token (GALA) which was developed using the ERC-20 standard that is used for an Ethereum Blockchain. It is the patent-pending central component that makes up that Binance Smart Chain. By using this token, participants can invest in their games’ assets and then sell the same assets to one another. They can also sell their own. Their tokens allow them to influence the direction of the game’s development.

It is believed that the GALA token is a value that is 550million dollars and the cost in dollars of $5,4 million USD was much higher in November than when it reached its highest in November. Since the market crashed several blockchain-based games have been launched. This hasn’t helped the company finance new games.

There’s no method to get the purchase, storage and saleable materials into a simple way to get the general public engaged. Gala was created by Metamask and the OpenSea the trading system.