Genshin Impact Sumeru trailer explores floating desert ruins

A second Genshin Impact Sumeru trailer gives a glimpse of the floating desert ruins, forest spirits and other elements that will be part of the open-world anime gaming.

The Genshin Impact Sumeru preview 2 shows the desert of the region and some of its sacred ruins. It also teases a group forest spirits and mysterious floating ruins players will encounter as they explore the Genshin Impact update’s new locale.

Teaser titled “Of Rain and Sand” features members of the anime’s art team discussing the varied environment in Sumeru. It ranges from dense forest to large, rocky deserts. Jax Huang, an environment artist, says Sumeru is quite different to the main areas we have seen in the past.


Huang says, “The rainforest landscape gives the impression that there are endless mountains.” While “The desert has desert storms and oases and vegetation which needs water… We see these amazing structures rising up among the arid rocks before we get a glimpse at some stone architecture and statues made into a cave network.

Huang said that the team “been experimenting design boundaries – although we didn’t want to come out with a very realistic, but we didn’t want too wild either, to achieve an excellent balance between exoticism and fantasy.” This gives Sumeru some striking visual diversity, allowing him to contrast the stark desert landscape with the lush, vibrant forest areas.

Maizi, an environment artist, explains that players will discover a city built on top of a huge tree when they first arrive in the fantasy forest. Maizi explains that a small group of forest spirits can be found in the area. Players can try to gain their trust by solving “a series of crises” hidden deep in the forest.

The second Sumeru preview video opens with two exciting details. Maizi describes first, mysterious ruins floating upside-down and tornadoes tearing though the sky that can be found in the desert. Another tease involves two giant robots, one hidden deep in the forest and the other lying dormant within the desert. Maizi teases, “It’ll be up you to unravel it yourself.”

Although we don’t have a set release date yet for Sumeru in Genshin 3.0 it is likely that it will be available in August. We have all the information you need to know whether Genshin Impact 2.9 will be available before the 3.0 update. In the world of free to play, YouTube star LilyPichu commented that her entire salary from the game was spent on wishes.