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All valid Get Big Simulator codes – Roblox in one updated listing – Roblox Games By US Simulators – redeem these codes to get a boost and get bigger, quicker and easier


Roblox: Get Big Simulator codes – Full List

These codes can be redeemed to receive a boost and a chance to grow faster, easier and bigger.


Both active and valid codes

These are the most current codes:

  • fatty220: Code Reward > Freebies (New)
  • 210buildit: Code Reward > Freebies
  • 200buff : Code Reward > Freebies
  • 190klifting : Code Reward > Freebies
  • 170buildit : Code Reward > Freebies
  • 160klifting: Code Reward > Freebies
  • 150gains: Code Reward > Freebies
  • 140kbench – Code Reward > 140 Jewels and 300 Strength
  • 130triceps Code Reward > 100 Jewels and 700 Strength
  • 120klifting: Code Reward > In-game free boost
  • 110gains: Code Reward > In-game free boost
  • 80triceps: Code Reward > In-game free boost
  • 60gains: Code Reward > In-game free boost
  • 20kbench: Code Reward > In-game free boost
  • 10triceps: Code Reward > In-game free boost
  • freecode: Code Reward > In-game free boost
  • Next code: at 130k Likes

You can like the game, invite your friends, and get more codes. There are new codes for every 10k likes. We will then show you all valid codes in one list.

Codes that are expired

There are no expired codes currently


How to redeem Big Simulator codes

Tap the twitter icon (sidebar) to open a new window. Copy a code from our database, paste it in the textbox, and hit Enter to redeem it

You can’t find the buttons? Check out this video by YT Gaming Dan

How to play Get Big Simulator Roblox Game by US Simulators

For a free boost in-game, use the code “freecode” and like the game!
Releases a new code once the game has been liked 10,000 times

You can unleash your strength to become the greatest lifter ever! You can fly a spaceship to the moon, explore the underworld realms, or dive deep into Atlantis. There are many exciting adventures available!


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