Grim Dawn Console Commands & Cheats

Grim Dawn Console Cheats and Commands – This section contains all the commands, cheats, as well as how to use them (enable console in-game).


Grim Dawn Console Commands and Cheats – Enable cheats

Cheats are activated automatically by default. We will only show you how to use console commands within the game.


  1. Start Grim Dawn
  2. Click on the Start button to go to Custom Game
  3. Type the command you want by pressing or

Below are all available console commands and cheats

Grim Dawn Console Cheats and Commands – Full Liste

These are all available commands.

Console Commands

These are the console commands for the game

  • Audio Stats – Displays a variety sound stats.
  • Debug Physics – Displays data about when occurrences impact the physics engine
  • ScreenShot – ScreenShot – Takes screenshots
  • Reload Resources (Graphics): graphics.ReloadResources – Forces all resources to be reloaded
  • Graphics Statistics – graphics.Stats: Enables/disables the display of a variety stats (including framerate).
  • Closed Console – Closest to the console
  • Execute the Script Command : Exec – Executes a command-script
  • Exit the Gaming: Exit the game
  • Binding Commands :
    • BindDown – Binds a command for the next key pressed
    • BindToggle: Binds a command that has “True” and “False”, to toggle the next key.
    • BindUp – Binds a command for the next key release

Character commands

These console commands have a direct effect on the character

  • character.AnyoneHasToken – Returns “True” if anyone has the token
  • character.ClearPlayerTokens – Remove all stored trigger tokens from the player
  • character.GiveTakeGold – Gives the amount of gold specified
  • character.GrantPlayerToken – Gives the player the specified token
  • character.LogData – Shows Info & details above player, NPCs, & monsters
  • character.RevokePlayerToken – Revokes the specified token from the player
  • character.ServerHasToken – Returns “True” if the server has the token
  • character.SetPlayerInvisible – Makes the player invisible to enemies
  • character.ShowAngerLevels – Debug information for AI
  • character.ShowPlayerTokens – Dumps the player’s trigger tokens to the console
  • WarpCursor – Makes it so that the player always warps towards the destination


These console commands are considered cheats


  • game.decrementdevotion – Removes a devotion point
  • game.Give – Gives an object to a player
  • game.God – God mode
  • game.IgnoreRequirements – Allows the player to equip anything
  • game.IncrementAttribute – + attribute point
  • game.incrementdevotion – + devotion point
  • game.IncrementLevel + player’s level
  • game.IncrementSkill – + skill point
  • game.IncrementSkill + Number of points allotted to the skill
  • game.Invincible – Invincible Mode
  • game.KillMe- Kills the player (suicide).
  • game.LargeDumpFiles true/false: Enables or disallows exporting large dump files
  • game.PlayStats: Displays player stats on your screen
  • game.ShowCursor: To show or hide the mouse cursor
  • game.ShowErrorMessages – To Show or hide Skill not ready error messages
  • game.ShowHud – Enables/disables the User Interface (UI).
  • Game.Spawn – Spawns an item at the player’s place
  • game.Speed – To alter the game’s speed
  • game.Teleport: To teleport the players
  • game.Uber – Enables or disables mana loss

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