GTA 6 leak offers codename, character clues, and Vice City speculation

GTA 6 leaks can be rare. However, a voice actor might have left clues on characters for Rockstar’s next open world opus.

GTA6, Half Life3 and the return to Silent Hill are the Mount Rushmore for most-wanted but seemingly inexorable videogames. It’s been nine year since V took us to Los Santos’ sunshine climes. Despite a slew of great online updates we have been waiting for GTA6 leaks. We might have some clues. A CV from a voice actor provides possible information about characters and an internal codename for Rockstar’s next Sandbox adventure.

GTA forums is a dedicated Grand Theft Auto fansite that has been around since 2001. They have been looking through the resumes and CVs of Entertainment Lab. Entertainment Lab is a talent agency located in New York City. It also houses the Rockstar Games head office. They have found three actors attached to a Rockstar project as of the writing. Nick Mills, who is listed at bullet point 14 on this page, is supposedly being booked for a generic “Rockstar voice-over” project.

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Marco Virgilio as well as Natonia Mnet are more interesting. They’re both slated for a role in the project called “Fireball”. According to GTA6 News and Leaks who took some screenshots, Monet’s original CV listed “Fireball”, which was produced by Rockstar Games. It also stated that they would be playing the role “Tamara”. GTA Forums discovered this and changed the CV, possibly tellingly, to remove all references to Fireball.

Fireball is the codename for GTA 6. The game will feature Tamara as a character and Radio Hinterland will be the radio station. Marco Virgilio will presumably voice the DJ. It all depends on your willingness to believe. Vice City is where it gets really interesting.

One GTA Forums user, Americana points out that Pitbull’s song “Fireball” was named after Pitbull. Vice City is Miami, which was the setting for Rockstar’s 2002 GTA sequel. It also serves as the last location in the traditional Grand Theft Auto line-up of cities – Liberty City San Andreas and Vice City. This place will remain unvisited during what series fans call the HD era. Although it’s quite a distance, Rockstar is well-known for his humour and revealed the location of the most wanted game in the world via a Pitbull reference.

We’ll see. You can still find the GTA6 rumours in this roundup.