Guacamelee 2 Trophy Guide

Guacamelee2 Trophy Guide – Road to 100% – Guides for unlocking all achievements with locations, video guides and tips

Guacamelee 2 Trophy Guide- Full List

  • Guacamastery – Obtain all the trophy’s in the game
  • I Recall That Being Harder Defeat Calaca. Story related
  • Resurreccion – Regain the Mask – Story related
  • Show’s Over, Go Home: Defeat El Muneco – Story related
  • Severed – Defeat Uay Pek Story related
  • Prickly Pair – Defeat Cactuardo & Zope – Story related
  • Severed 2 – Defeat Uay Pek again – Story related
  • Questionable Plumbing – Discover the headquarters of Pollo Illuminati – Story related
  • Santa Golpiza
  • Grapple Specialist: Use all four special throws by Coscorrona – Self Explanatory
  • Juan Punch Man One-shot an opponent with a fully upgraded Super Move – Self Explanatory
  • I was Told There’d be Candy: Beat a Pinataface. Story related
  • Cluckstorm – Kill 50 chickens – Story related
  • The Floor is…: Eagle Boost using 10 hook points, without touching the ground – From Los Manglares exit to the upper entrance to Templo de Jade
  • 6-Piece Combo – Juggling an enemy with 6 Slides or Chicken Shots before it touches ground – Flame Face training arena
  • He Looks Mobile: Juan and Lupita are located in the Darkest Timeline. After you escape Prison El Corazon, your will be in Pueblucho. To reach Juan’s house, you must leave Puebluco and head west.
  • PERFECT Cleanse the Mexican vehicle menace – Smash the Fighting Street bonus stages cars (x2)
  • Talented Player – Avoid 10 enemy attacks by rolling – Self Explanatory
  • You Survived – Enter the Heart Of Dankness… and Return – Entry in the ‘Infierno’ region
  • One born every minute: You can open a lootbox – in any of the Villachula houses
  • King on the Hill: Beat El Trio de la Montana in the eastern Badlands
  • Special Delivery : Feed the hungry guard in Isla Bonita (the same house that leads to Tule Treetops Top)
  • Combo Machine – Complete all of Flame Face’s Challenges – Self Explanatory
  • These eggs are not fertilized – Lay a dozen eggs in the Pollo challenge dungeon located near Infierno’s exit that connects with Isla Bonita
  • Temple Raider: Find 100% of the hidden items in a temple – Templo de Jade, Templo de Obsidiana or Templo de la Serpiente
  • You can’t guacamelee climb: Complete the Pollo challenge dungeon Story related
  • I have nothing to teach you. Fully buy one trainer’s skill-tree – Self Explanatory
  • One down… – Complete the secret Chicken Key Challenge – Story related
  • Very Special – Open the Golden Door (Check Locations).
  • Talk to Hend: Get the Holy Hen’s message (Check location).
  • Moves like Jaguar – Defeat Jaguar(s). Located in the southern portion of Los Manglares, there is a hidden challenge called “The Gauntlet”.
  • Luchonarrative: Kill 1000 mean and nasty skeletons with no families – Story related
  • El Tecnico tactico: All upgrades – Story related
  • Mr. Mr.
  • Even Darkest: Beat the game in Hard mode – Self-explanatory
  • Nacho Libre: Defeat Salvador – Templo de la Serpiente
  • Legend of the Timelines – Reach the good end (collect all keys). (Check locations).

DLC Trophy Pack 1

  • Counter Attack on Cool Cats: Dodge and Hit 15 Enemies As Jaguar
  • Take the Show: Perform at the Mariachi Club with El Muneco’s Dead Band
  • Body Builder – Defeat a Giant Keleton as Uay Pek’s Head
  • Welcome To MY World: Fight 25 Enemies In The Living World As Uay Pek
  • Jaguar’s Redemption: Defeat Salvador as Jaguar

DLC Trophy Pack 2

  • Slippery Snake – Complete the Snakes in the Grass Challenge, without taking any damage
  • Explosion Therapy – Kill 20 Exploders with Wall Fly, while completing the Exploder Elimination challenge
  • Snake Temple Throwdown – Grab and Toss 50 Enemies in the Snake Temple
  • Salvador’s Sister Act – Visit the Mother Superior at Isla Bonita to see Salvador
  • Bronze Champion – Achieve a Bronze Medal in all of Tiempochtli’s Challenges
  • Silver Champion – Achieve a Silver Medal in all of Tiempochtli’s Challenges
  • Let the Sleeping Gods lie: Tiempochtli!

Guacamelee 2 Trophy Guide – Keys & Golden Door

Powerpyx: All Key Part Locations & the Chicken Illuminati Crucible