Guardians of the Galaxy Trophy Guide

Guardians of the Galaxy Trophy Guide: All the trophies or achievemnts and how to unlock them. Includes tips, videos, and guides


Guardians of the Galaxy Trophy Guide: All Trophies

These are the trophies with their descriptions. Scroll down to see the tutorials.

  • What We Do: Get every trophy
  • Self-improvement – Purchase your first Star-Lord ability
  • Dynamic team: You can invest in at least one Special ability for Gamora (Drax), Rocket, and Groot
  • Fully Loaded – Invest in all Special Abilities For All Companions
  • Flash Freeze – Acquire the Ice Element to use in Star-Lords’ blasters
  • Awe and Shock: Get the Lightning Element to use with Star-Lord blasters
  • Fan Friction – Acquire the Wind Element to power Star-Lords’ blasters
  • Lava Launcher – Get the Plasma Element to use with Star-Lord blasters
  • Pick me up: Reviving a team member who has fallen
  • Stagger Swagger: Stagger 25 enemies
  • No way, Nova Corps – Interrupt a Nova Centurion by Gamora’s Call to Action. (Check the guide).
  • Slakebuster – Interrupt a Slakebeast by Drax’s Call for Action (check out the guide).
  • Groot Canal – Interrupt a Charger With Groot’s Call to Action. (check the guide).
  • Drax, the Dismemberer – Dismember an Inquisitor using Drax’s Call for Action (check out the guide).
  • Unstoppable force: Get the maximum amount of Momentum every 10 seconds
  • The Crowd Goes Wild – Execute a Flair Attack Ten Times
  • Set ’em up, Knock ‘em Down: Take down 15 staggered enemies using a Charged Shot
  • Bullet Hell – Defeat 15 enemy with Star-Lord’s Fan the Hammer ability
  • Adding Injury and Insult: 10 enemies will be affected by Drax’s Wrath of Katath ability
  • Trained to Perfection Defeat 10 foes with Gamora’s Executioner ability
  • Boom:: Beat 20 Enemies with Rocket’s Five Barrel Barrage
  • Herbal Remedy – Revive or Heal Companions Ten Times with Groot’s Gift of the Florae
  • Altitude Adjustment – Defeat 20 foes with Star-Lord’s Eye of Hurricane
  • Killer Friendship – Execute an Auto-Combo With Gamora
  • Katathian handshake: Create an Auto-Combo With Drax
  • Assist: Create an Auto-Combo using Rocket
  • Timber! – Execute an Auto Combination with Groot (check out the guide).
  • Thoughtful Captain – Find half the Guardian Collectibles
  • Managerial Skill: All Guardian Collectibles For One Guardian
  • A Glove! – Find and outfit one Outfit
  • Fashion Passion – Find and outfit all Outfits (check out the guide).
  • Lore Hoarder – Collect 65% all Quillopedia entries for each category
  • Galactic Frugality – Pay your Nova Corps fine
  • Eat it, Rodent: Take the Bet against Rocket

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