Gudetama An Eggcellent Adventure Show will bring Sanrios Cute and Lazy Eggs to Netflix

Sanrios lazy egg Gudetama is a Japanese mascot. You will soon see a new animated series on Netflix.

In 2022, Netflix will show Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure.

You can see the cute trailer below.

This is how Netflix describes this story.

An empathetic, yet glaring road movie about finding your parents. This is for anyone who loves to lay around! Gudetama, despite accepting the fact it will disappear from someone’s plate, just wants to be lazy. It disappeared into the universe after Shakipiyo, the go-getting chick, was swept up. The polar opposites, who are now hiking together to find their mother.

Gudetama was originally created in 2013 by Sanrios designer AmY (Emi Nakamura) and became very popular in Japan.

In 2014, it was the main character in a new animated series. Gudetama Tap is even a game!