Half-Life players are planning to break a Steam world record

Half-Life players have honored Valve’s FPS masterpiece by breaking the Steam record of concurrent users in a follow-up to Half-Life 2 – Breaking the Bar

Half-Life 3 isn’t happening. It might be true, but it is not what I need to believe in order to move forward. At the same time, I continue taking solace in the vibrant Half-Life fan community, which keeps turning in FPS iconic record, Half-Life enthusiasts are taking to Steam to set a new world record. Everyone is invited.

At exactly 3PM GMT on August 14, 2022 the Half-Life community will log in to Steam en masse and open Half-Life’s copies. The goal is to break the SteamDB record of concurrently playing users currently at around 6,000. This is a realistic goal considering that Half-Life 2 was launched simultaneously in 2021 as part of Breaking the Bar. The event saw 16,000 players play Half-Life 2 simultaneously, breaking the previous record and establishing a flag for the continued popularity of the sci-fi shooter.

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The rules for participating in the contest are very simple. You must first make sure that you are playing the vanilla Half-Life. There is no Half-Life Source or Opposing Force. You must play for 30 minutes or less to register your presence on Steam’s database.

You can share your participation by using the hashtag #RememberFreeman. Various Half-Life YouTubers are also streaming the game live. Below is more information from Radiation Hazard.

That’s all. Get out your microwave and make sure to tell the world about Half-Life.