Her New Memory Cheats & Console Commands

The New Memory Cheats and Console Commands – Enjoy hours of gaming by using these easy cheats we will teach you.


Beware: Cheating or using console commands will disable accomplishments. You will still get infinite cash as well as infinite relationship points. unlimited health, endless mood, and you are able to alter the clock for as many times as you’d like.

Her New Memory Cheats & Console Commands – How to Enable Cheats?

All you need to do is change one line within an existing file. We will give you the file’s path:

  1. Find the game folder > renpy common > 00console.rpy
  2. Open 00console.rpy using an editor for text like Notepad
  3. Locate the string “config.console = False” (CTRL+F and config.console is False)
  4. Replacing the number “False” with the value “True”
  5. Close the file and save it 00console.rpy

Then, launch the game and hold Shift + O to open the console. Type in any console commands that we’ll to give you with.

How do you disable cheating?

If you’d like to turn off cheating, you need go back to 00console.rpy file and insert config.console = false back.

Her New Memory Cheats & Console Commands – Commands

There could be other interesting commands, but with the five commands we’re going to share with you with, you will be able to get everything you want within the game. Change “X” with the value you prefer For example “zodiac_coins = 2500” if you’d like to get 2,500 coins:

  • zodiac_coins = X
  • relationship = relationship =
  • health = health x
  • mood = mood =
  • hour = hour x

To unlock the entire game you must play for several days (4 or 5 days) to maximize the statistics using hacks, console commands or cheats. Play for 4 or 5 days, and gain access to all game content


We suggest that when make use of the money cheat, you receive about 500 zodiac coins. you’ll have to purchase an extra bed and a comfortable sofa in order to unlock certain events.

But don’t worry, because you are able to re-enter the commands for as many times as you’d like. You basically have infinite cash and infinite relationship points, unlimited health, endless mood, and the ability to alter the time whenever you’d like.