Hidden Hotel Energy Guide

We are pleased to welcome you to the Hidden Hotel Energy Guide. Here, we will show you how to get more energy by playing, and completely free


Your energy is what limits how long you can play. Every level you wish to play will require energy. Let’s learn how to get more.


Hidden Hotel Energy Guide – Just wait

You probably know that after a while, the energy is restored. This is why you should first measure your energy when playing.

Hidden Hotel Energy Guide – 100 % Bonus

You probably know that you can restore all your energy in certain situations, such as when you begin a new day. The thing is, we recommend that you use all of your energy first. You can then get stars before you restore your energy.

Hidden Hotel Energy Guide – Collections

You always receive a reward when you complete any collection, which usually includes some energy. Check the suitcase in the lower left corner of your screen and complete all collections. You will not only be rewarded with energy but also the rest of your rewards.

Free or paid for coins

You can either get them for free by playing or you can use real money to pay for them. You can also buy energy-spending coins regardless of their origin.

Tasks (& Task bar

Completing tasks can give you energy, and it also helps to fill the task bar with other rewards. When you have tasks, try to finish them as quickly as possible


Club (Guild)

If you’re in a club, you can send and receive energy. It is vital if you want hours of enjoyment.