Hisense Touch Lite audio player is equipped with a E Ink printed paper screen

Hisense has unveiled an innovative device named Touch Lite, capable of turning into the form of a portable memory device. The device can be purchased for around $300.

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The device looks similar to the typical monoblock phone. The front is the monochrome display of digital paper E Ink measuring 5 inches in diagonal length. The front light is on which allows you to adjust the temperature of the display. The panel comes with the ability to control it by touch, and is bright in the sun, and has it has a low energy consumption.

It is powered by the Qualcomm processor that is equipped with eight processing cores that operate at a frequency at 1,8 GHz. The total amount of RAM is 4 GB and the flash drives is 64 GB.


The port of this player is fitted with wireless headphones with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth wireless adapters with stereo speakers and the USB 3.0 port and an ordinary headphone connector. The battery’s wattage can be used up to 10W of power. The battery is constructed of aluminum casing.

The platform software is built on Hisense Touch OS and uses its Android 11 interface, which displays electronic papers with ease.