House Flipper Achievements Guide

House Flipper Achievements guide – Base Game. Apocalypse, Garden Flipper DLC. HGTV DLC. Luxury DLC


Guide to House Flipper Achievements – Base Game

General Achievements

These are the Base Game – General Achievements.


  • Do it immediately: Earned quickly by quickly completing the first task – My ex-boyfriend stole the radiator from my house
  • Perfectionist – Earned by placing every order at 100%
  • Knock, knock : Use the sledgehammer to hit the front door of Huckster’s House a few times
  • Junior Agent: 10 Houses for Sale
  • Agent: 20 houses for sale and purchase
  • Senior Agent: 50 Houses for Sale
  • Negotiator – Stain your currency to Euros, maximize your negotiation skills and sell the “Alone House” house
  • First Income: Get your first job!
  • Car mechanic: hitting the car in a garage using the hammer
  • What are you doing wrong: Use a hammer to kill a cockroach
  • Strongman: Picking up and moving a car
  • Millionaire – Purchase the House that is hiding some things, tear down the wall near the breaker box and loot the secret room. Then, sell the house…
  • The Game: Every house must be sold once

Buyer Achievements

These are the all-important Base Game – Buyer Achievements

  • Worth Every Penny – elling a home to Dolan Trusk The “House that’s hiding something”
  • I am a Belieber and selling a house in Gorgio Shanua. (double bed, 2 linen closets are essential)
  • Geek: Selling a house to Chang Choi. The “Abandoned House”
  • Artistic soul: Selling a house to Veronica Liptson (add art & plant)
  • Mr. Mystery: Jimmy Traitor sells a house. The “Home Admin-Legends” (turn your kitchen into a home theater).
  • Wall Street Shark – elling a home to Jack Tarinton. The “Hucksters House”, (x2 bedrooms and x2 couches, & cheap furniture).
  • Family Man – Selling a house to Jonson Family (use bathroom sink rather than kitchen).
  • Just Enough – selling a house the Jantart Family, “Camping bungalow” (classic furnishings & carpet).
  • Alpha Male: Selling a House to Rafael Erko Home-Admin Legends.
  • Pro-creative : Selling a house to a Smoth family.

Apocalypse DLC: House Flipper Achievements Guide

These are the Apocalypse DLC Achievements

  • The Tactical Prepper – Selling a House to Lonewolf37. The “Garage with the bunker”
  • Doomsday Preparer: Maria Kolkowsky sells a house, the “Old House with a Bunker”
  • Ted Arrown, The Survivalist sells a house. The “Garage With a Bunker” (2 turbine generators and 2 bunk beds).

House Flipper Achievements Guide – Garden Flipper DLC

These are the Garden Flipper DLC achievements:

  • Get Some Fresh Air – Take your laptop outside of your office to your backyard and use it by pressing “E”.
  • Beginner Gardener: completing your first gardening job.
  • Competitor: competing in a Garden Competition (Submit garden for contest)
  • The Perfect Layout: 5 stars for “layout” in a Garden Competition (“Garden After House Construction”)
  • According the Rules, getting 5 stars for “plant selection” in a Garden Competition
  • Fully Equipped – 5 stars for “equipment”, during a Garden Competition.
  • Call me Edward – Using your new tools in Garden Flipper DC
  • Gardener: Maximizing skills for Garden Flipper DLC
  • Vegan: Planting over 50 carrots
  • Let’s swim: First, place “Pond Neptun” inside the pond and then fill it with water. Then empty the pond water and refill it again. Continue to do this.
  • Whac a Mole: removing any molehills found during one of the Garden Flipper DLC map.
  • Don Quixote – Installing a “Wooden Pedro Windmill” and then hitting it with the hammer

House Flipper Achievements Guide – HGTV DLC

These are all the HGTV DLC Awards:

  • The Last Penny – Using the entire job budget
  • Truly open Space: Destroying all walls during one your jobs
  • Family: Having a dining table that seats 8
  • All the Possibilities
  • Chimney Sweeper – Turning on the covered fireplace for the job “Uninvited guests”
  • Modern Solutions – Earned by not having pipes in a home
  • Time Warp – opening your portfolio and viewing your before and afterwards photos
  • Oliver’s Way: Execute any HGTV assignment using the Oliver’s choice
  • Greta’s Touch: Execute any HGTV assignment using the Greta’s choice
  • Homer’s House – Click on the house that looks similar to the Simpsons’ home in the HGTV map
  • Renovator – Complete all jobs on the HGTV Map
  • Beach Please – Moving your office to a beachfront property.

Luxury DLC – House Flipper Achievements Guide

These are the luxury DLC achievements:


  • Pool Party
  • Windows Update: 10 Windows Replaced
  • The furnisher : The furnisher
  • It was fixed!: I ‘fixed’ the yacht wheel (second level) by hitting it with a hammer.
  • Panorama – Taking a picture from the Cliff House (by he pool) of the city.
  • Luxury is always in fashion: Complete all Moonrise Bay jobs
  • I’m rich: Purchase a house with Luxury DLC
  • Wi-Fi password anyone? Next step: Hire a butler
  • Get more out of your game. Did someone call a specialist in stairlifts?
  • You have the choice: Will your client dream?
  • You’re too creative!