House of the Ashes Trophy Guide – The Dark Pictures Anthology

The Dark Pictures Anthology House of the Ashes Trophy Guide: All the trophies or achievemnts and how to unlock them with tips, videos, and guides


House of the Ashes Trophy Guide- All Trophies

These are the trophies with their descriptions. Scroll down to see the tutorials.


  • Full House: Collect all Trophies/Achievements.
  • Golden Path: Five characters survived to the end (Golden Path trophy-guide)
  • Double-tap: Eric, Rachel and all other victims of the same explosion.
  • The Thing:Eric helped Rachel get rid of her infection.
  • Let me Have a Go! Three characters used the UV Wand to attack the creatures.
  • So you’re my Technician Merwin fixed the radio ( You’re my Technician Trophy guide)
  • Slayer – Salim killed five animals with his spear.
  • Illuminating Evidence Eric discovered an unexpected effect from the UV wand.
  • The Statement by Randolph Hodgson – Found every page of Randolph’s journal.
  • Clearance: Clarice killed Eric, after she was infected.
  • Until death do us part: Rachel was infected, and Eric killed her.
  • Into Sunset: Salim returned to his son.
  • Six Minutes of Night – Everyone died at the end
  • The Sword and the Shield Kurum and Balathu fought together.
  • Got Time to Bleed – Escaped from the vault with no lingering injuries.
  • Chekhov’s Gun: Rachel used this machine gun.
  • Heart to heart: Nick killed an ancient warrior using a stake.
  • Climbing Out of Hell: Rachel survived despite having rejected both her lovers.
  • Final Girl – Only one character survived to the end
  • Oorah – Eric and Nick shared a moment on the elevator.
  • Semper Fi – Jason returned for Salim and both made it to the elevator.
  • Think Like a Marine – Make only Head decisions
  • Casualties of War – Found all of the Black Framed Pictures (all Secrets & Pictures ).
  • Portals: All of the White Framed Pictures (all Secrets & Pictures).
  • Looking at the Past – Found all the Secrets (all Secrets & Pictures).
  • We Are Not Alone Finished the prologue at Movie Night.
  • There is Always Hope – Completed the Solo Story.
  • Ghost Sign: Eric ignored Nick’s radio signal.
  • Lost in Time Rachel was not saved from her cocoon.
  • Vision of the Past Rachel was there to witness the creation of the creatures.
  • Old Dog Balathu killed two with his spear ( Trophy guide)

House of the Ashes Trophy Guide Guides

All Secrets & Pictures Trophy guide

To unlock the trophies Casualties Of War and Portents, as well as Scratching at The Past, you need to know the 50 secrets and 13 photos locations.