How to Boil Water in Project Zomboid?

How to boil water for Project Zomboid – Campfire & Oven Also, how to create an effective campfire as well as how you can remove water that has been tainted.

How to Boil Water in Project Zomboid – Campfire

When you first boil water, you’ll do it right in the middle of nature and you’ll see it is not too complex.

  1. Place the contaminated water in the cooking pot
  2. Make a campfire, and then fuel it to
  3. The campfire can be lit with a lighter or matches
  4. Set the cooker pot and water on top of the fire.
  5. Make sure that the attribute that was ‘tainted’ has been removed from the item, then put it back in your inventory

How to Make a Campfire?

Three planks of wood and some paper or bandages will create a campfire kit. You will need an ignition source the most common is a kindling made out of a knotted piece of plank and a solid sticks (taking the screwdriver on one plank and the saw to the next plank)

In the campfire kits you have in your possession, clicking on it will offer you the opportunity to construct the campfire. You can then light with the charcoal.

Tips: Once you have built your campfire, you’ll need fuel. Although any book or magazine can assist you, the best is to use logs

If you’re beginning your journey into the game, and are somewhat lost and confused, we offer this video tutorial by Mr. Lamprey, so that you can discover how to set up an initial camp fire.

How to Boil Water in Project Zomboid – Oven

Even though you are able to boil water at the point you want to feel more comfortable cooking, the oven makes the process much simpler

  1. Place the water that has been contaminated in the cooking pot
  2. Unlock the oven’s inventory and move the water inside
  3. The oven can be turned on by via the control options for ovens. (Right click on the oven, then select the controls)
  4. Allow the water to change into boiling water.
  5. Drink clean, fresh water that doesn’t make you sick!

How to get Tainted Water?

It is as simple as finding the body of water any river or lake is fine, and bring an empty container like a cook pot or a water bottle, maybe even an alcohol container however, make sure that you have emptied the bottle. Right-click onto the area of the lake, and you’ll be presented with the Fill option. As you can notice, if you’ve got many empty containers that you could fill them all up with water.

Tips: If you make use of containers that allow you to immediately boil the water like the cooking pot, it’s faster