How to create Health Potions in Loop Hero

How to make the Health Potions inside Loop Hero Herbalist’s Hut upgrading the potions, and expanding max capacity


How can I make Health Potions in Loop Hero?


If you increase levels within Loop Hero, the Game became more difficult and monsters are more formidable. It is important to get more resources, for instance, heal potions.


If a person dies, he loses the resources accumulated, therefore it is vital to not die.

If you store your items strategically to be able to stand up to a lot of cycles, you’ll be able to take on bosses and even win the game.

This guide will assist you to create and make potions.

How to make Health Potions in Loop Hero Herbalist’s Hut

You must create your own Herbalist’s Hut to gain access to health potion.

Herbalist Hut will automatically give you two potions when you start of each loop. The potions will be recharged whenever you hero is in the camp.


You can also increase the quantity of potions you carry around, but you must know how to accomplish it.

The requirements and resources needed to build an Herbalist’s Hut:

  • 2 2. Stable Wood
  • 3 3 x Rock
  • 4 . Food supply 4x

Designing and Upgrading Potions

It is possible to carry as many as seven potions at once (MAX Potions Level).

To boost the amount that your character can carry, you need to upgrade the Herbalist’s Hut.

If you upgrade the Herbalist’s Hut up to the highest level, it will allow you to carry six potions. However, if you open access to the Supply Depot and craft the furniture known as the “Alchemist Shelf” This action increases the maximum potency by 1.


Making use of Potions within the Loop

In the event that your heroes health is reduced in the battle and drops below the specified bar, your hero will immediately take an ingredient.

Develop your own plan to organize more meticulously all combats.


Alchemist Shelf to gain an more potion spot.

The potions will allow you to triumph in battle.


It is possible to unlock benefits of health potions by constructing the Herbalist’s Hut for the purpose of unlocking the benefits of health potions

Upgrades to the Herbalist’s Hut will provide you with more potions as well as increase the potency of your herbs.

About Loop Hero

In the game, you’ll be able to construct different decks of cards and devise an exact strategy for carrying out an infinite number of actions.

This is why you should find out how health potion useful.