How to Evolve Axe in Vampire Survivors

Evolving Axe in Vampire Survivors – Evolution Steps, Tips, and our opinion on the Axe, Death Spiral


Steps to Evolve an Axe in Vampire Survivors

It is very easy to create an evolving axe. There are only 4 steps.

  1. Unlock Axe is the starting weapon of Lama Ladonna. It cannot be unlocked by default
    • Lama Ladonna can be unlocked by surviving at least 20 minutes without the 10% Curse. You can purchase her for 500 gold and scales along with any other character.
  2. The Axe weapon for Level 8
  3. Get Candelabrador accessory power-up (passive item): Get Santa Water to Level 4
  4. You can collect a rare enemy’s box once your counter reaches 10:00. (survive for at minimum 10 minutes).

Axe Evolution Recipe > Axe + Candelabrador = Death Spiral.

How to evolve

  • You can throw the axe further by moving left and right. When paired with Projectile Speed bonuses, the axes will have wider arcs.
  • Because the axes already have large axes, area bonuses are more effective
  • To focus damage on the axes, it is a good idea to place yourself right below the crowd and let the axes fly into it.

How to Evolve an Axe in Vampire Survivors – Levels

Boosts at different levels of the Axe

  • 1st Level: High damage, high Area scaling
  • 2nd Level: 1 Projectile
  • 3rd Level: +20% Base damage
  • 4th Level: Passes by +2 enemies
  • 5th Level: +1 Projectile
  • 6th Level: +20% Base damage
  • 7th Level: Passes by +2 enemies
  • 8th Level: +20% Base damage

Max Level Axe will be able to deal +60% Base damage, +2 projectiles and will pass through +4 foes

Boosts at different levels of the Crown


  • 1st Level: +10% Area of Attack – AoE
  • 2nd Level: +10% Area of Attack – AoE
  • 3rd Level: +10% Area of Attack – AoE
  • 4th Level: +10% Area of Attack – AoE
  • 5th Level: +10% area of attack – AoE

Maximum Crown level will grant +50% Area Of Attack – AoE

How to Evolve an Axe in Vampire Survivors – Death Spiral

Death Spiral emits 9 spinning scythes that spin around the player. Each scythe is extremely sharp and has a larger pierce. Damage reduction can be applied to compensate. It has a larger Area and a faster projectile speed.

  • The projectiles’ fixed direction is very different from the Axe’s arcing behavior.
  • Because of the slow cooldown, Cooldown Bonuses are extremely effective for Death Spiral.