How to Evolve Santa Water in Vampire Survivors

How to Evolve Santa Water In Vampire Survivors – Evolution Steps, Tips That Will Help You, and Our Opinion on the Santa Water And La Borra


Steps to Create Santa Water from Vampire Survivors – How to

It is very easy to evolve Santa Water. There are only 4 steps.

  1. By unlocking, you can unlock Santa Water Suor Clerici
    1. You can unlock Suor Clerici by recovering 1000 HP over the course of each run. You can then purchase her for 900 gold
  2. The Santa Water Weapon to Level8
  3. Get Attractorb accessory Power-up ( passive Item): Find a Vacuum that has been dropped from a light source
  4. Once the counter reaches 10:00, collect a rare enemy’s chest.

Santa Water Evolution Recipe > Santa Water + Attractorb = La Borra

How to evolve

  • It’s easiest to make the La Borra evolve by starting with Suor Clerici. They start with the Santa Water. It’s your starting weapon
  • Combining this strategy with King Bible or Garlic (or any of their evolutions) is a particularly effective strategy. The player will be virtually invincible to enemies
  • Santa Water at level 1 is inconsistent and should not be used as a primary damage dealer until levels 7 or 8.

How to evolve Santa Water in Vampire Survivors – Levels

  • 1st Level: Generates damaging zones
  • 2nd Level: +20 Base Area & +1 Projectile
  • 3rd Level: +10 Base damage & +0.5 duration (seconds)
  • 4th Level: +1 Projectile & + 20% Base Area
  • 5th Level: +10 Base damage & +0.5 duration (seconds)
  • 6th Level: +1 Projectile & + 20% Base Area
  • 7th Level: +5 Base damage & +0.3 duration (seconds)
  • 8th Level: +5 Base damage & 20% Base Area

Santa Water at max level will have +30 base damage, +80% base surface, +1.3 duration (seconds), and +3 projectiles

How to Create Santa Water in Vampire Survivors – La Borra

La Borra is especially effective when moving. The damaging zones can move and will continue to stay on the screen to cause damage to enemies. La Borra’s water pool will disappear and replace itself, creating a permanent damaging field around the player.

It is an excellent weapon and one of the most powerful in terms of AoE.