How to get Forerunner in Destiny 2

How To Get Forerunner In Destiny 2: This step-by-step guide and tips will help you unlock the new Halo Magnum in Destiny 2.


Steps to Become a Forerunner in Destiny 2

These are the steps that unlock the Forerunner

  1. Speak with Xur in Eternity. Use arrows to tap 2 pages > select magnum opus.
  2. Collect seven Strange Coins Xur asks you to collect seven Strange Coins.
  3. Complete the Starhorse bounty: Talk to Starhorse.
  4. Purchase the Strange Key from Xur Back to Xur > Grab the Strange Key > To unlock the key, you will need to have a Strange Favor reputation level of four > Get the key
  5. Find the Strange Key in Dares of Eternity Valley and use it to find the weapon. Go to Xur’s treasure chamber without leaving the destination > Stand in purple smoke > Teleport down to Valley (Dares of Eternity Arena) > Look for rubble > In a small group of rocks > Looks like a slab sticking out of the top > An interact button should appear telling you to use the key. You will not see the interact button if you don’t see it. Instead, go straight ahead from the place where you put the key and look for bronze balls floating in the ceiling. Jump on the rocks to reach the highest gap. Then climb up to the top to examine the anomalous object.
  6. Talk with Banshee 44: Bring an Anomalous Object to Banshee 44 in the Tower. The weapon is yours.

If you have any questions, you can also view this video:

What does a Forerunner do?

We leave the strong and weak points of the forerunner to help you decide if it is right for you.

  • Two notable perks and Special ammunition are available.
  • Forerunner’s intrinsic perk gives the weapon greater accuracy and less recoil.
  • Forerunner has a longer range and can inflict more damage.
  • You can fire it in full auto, and it deals more precision damage to unshielded targets.
  • Forerunner also offers an Exotic Catalyst, which requires higher Xur level-ups.