How to Get Mist Breathing in Demonfall – Location & Requirements

How to get mist breathing in Demonfall Location and requirements – Discover how to gain access to one of the greatest breathing techniques of Demonfall


How to Get Mist Breathing in Demonfall – Location

Talk to and meet The Mist Training Tokito or Muichiro In the Frosty Forest

You must complete x2 tasks in order to get the Mist Breathing to work:

  1. Then, you can talk to him. then you can pay him 22,000 Yen
  2. Explore a maze in which you must locate Tokito (there are no limits on time, however go through the video Walkthrough below)

Mist Breathing Location

If you’re unable to find Tokito or Muichiro then check out this video tutorial (credits to the YouTube channel Auratix) and gain access to the Mist Breathing:

How to Get Mist Breathing in Demonfall – Skills

They are all skills which they are, along with their cooldowns, as well as their cost:

  • Eight-Layed Mist The user launches eight slashes that are close to the user nearly a barrage all in quick succession
  • Scattering mist Splash A user is summoned by mist. It is untouchable for a few seconds/provides Iframes and you are able to use it anytime
  • The Shifting Flow The user rapidly untie their blade and then strikes their opponent, which is reminiscent of Iaido. Iaido technique.
  • Sea of clouds and Haze This player is able to teleport behind enemies in the event that they are within range. You could also use it to travel through walls
  • Judgement Cut Backward dash and bring your sword to the sheath. You can then perform an array of long-distance cuts, while making your opponent vulnerable for a couple of seconds
  • obsscuring clouds A method by which the user dramatically alters the speed of their movements to deceive an opponent the technique is believed to take the form of misty clouds covering the entire area


M1’s slow, enemy walk speed

Breathing styles are swordsmanship styles that are paired by an esoteric breathing technique that improves the skills of a swordsman. They have been used to fight enemies in tandem using the Nichirin Katana