How to get Super Alloy in The Planet Crafter – Location & Crafting

How to Get Super Alloy in The Planet Crafter Location – Coordinates, how you can get it (mineable or non-mineable) and other nearby resources


You can make the Super Alloy, but you can also place an Ore Extractor at the right location.


How to Get Super Alloy in The Planet Crafter Location

Super Alloy can be found, but we will provide the coordinates and locations where it can always be found. You can then use an ore extractor for it. These are the best places to farm Super Alloy. We provide the coordinates and other resources nearby. And we let you know if it can be mined or not.

Sand Falls – Super Alloys Location

  • Coordinates: 521:75:1519, 671:69:1492 & 828:67:1489
  • Mineable: No
  • Other resources: Osmium, Aluminum, and Sulfur

Broken Pillar Cave, Super Alloy Location

  • Coordinates: 1040:65:1695
  • Mineable: Yes but with T2
  • Additional resources:

Super Alloy Location: Maze Canyon Cave

  • Coordinates: 1420:5:560
  • Mineable: No
  • Aluminium is another resource

We would love to include your location in the guide if you have it.

How to Get Super Alloy in The Planet Crafter Crafting

With an Advanced Crafted Station, you can also make Super Alloy yourself.

Advanced Crafted Station Recipe: x1 Aluminum + x1 Titanium + x1 Magnesium + x1 Silicon

Super Alloy Recipe: 1 Cobalt + 1 Iron + x1 Magnesium+ x1 Silicon + + x1 Titanium+ x1 Aluminium


How to Get Super Alloy in The Planet Crafter.

These are all the Super Alloy uses and recipes. We have highlighted those we think most important

  • Base Building
    • Biodome
    • Launch Platform
    • Biolab
    • Biodome T2
  • Machines:
    • Nuclear Reactor T1
    • Nuclear Reactor T2
    • Extractor of Ore T1
    • Ore Extractor T2
    • Atmospheric Water Collector
    • Lake Water Collector
    • Algae Generator T1
    • Algae Generator T2
    • Shredder machine
    • Tree spreader
    • Extractor for Gas
    • Nuclear Fusion generator
  • Furniture:
    • Golden Storage Crate
  • Craft Station 2
    • Microchip – Mining Speed T1
    • Microchip – Mining Speed T2
    • Agility Boots T2
    • Microchip – Mining Speed T3
  • Advanced Station:
    • Oxygen Tank T4
    • Backpack T4
    • Backpack T5
    • Rocket Engine
    • T3 Agility Boots
  • Launch Platform
    • Asteroids Attraction Rocket
    • Magnetic Field Protection Rocket
    • Rocket Seeds Spreader
    • GPS Satellite T1
    • GPS Satellite T2