How to get Uranium in The Planet Crafter – Location

Uranium in The Planet Crafter: Location, Coordinates, How to Get (mineable or non-mineable) and other resources


You can’t make Uranium, it must be collected. It is an essential resource because it is required to make Uranium Rods. These will power your Buildings better than any other.


How to Get Uranium in The Planet Crafter- Location

After you have launched the Asteroid Attraction Rocket and unlocked the Launch Platform, you can obtain Uranium from fallen Asteroids. However, it is much easier to extract it by creating an Ore Extractor at the right place.

Slanted Rocks Cave- Uranium Location

  • Coordinates: 586:35:-669
  • Mineable: Yes but with T2
  • Other resources

Other Uranium Locations

  • Shipwrecks – Crates
  • Asteroid Attraction Rocket attracts asteroids

Asteroid Attraction Rocket

Since launch, it is one of the most efficient ways to mine Uranium. The asteroids will produce Uranium on impact, which will cause a temporary asteroid shower.

You will need a Rocket Engine, Supper Alloy, and Cobalt to build an Asteroid Attraction Rocket.

We would love to include your location in the guide if you have it.

How to Get Uranium in The Planet Crafter.

These are all the Uranium-required uses and recipes. We have highlighted the most important.


  • Machines:
    • Shredder Machine: x2 Super Alloy + x1 Uranium + x1 Uranium + x1 Explosive Powder
  • Advanced Station:
    • Uranium Rod: 9 Uranium (or crates containing uranium rods)
    • Rocket Engine: x1 super alloy + x2 Uranium + 1 Iridium rod