How to Unlock Prismatic Recaster Destiny 2?

How to Unlock the Prismaticrecaster Destiny 2? This guide will show you how to unlock and level up the Prismatic and Umbral Decoder.


How do I unlock Prismatic Recaster Destiny II?

These are the steps that unlock the Umbral Decoder and the Prismatic Recaster.


  1. Head to the top
  2. Talk to the Drifter. You may have to defeat the boss first in Gambit-style events.
  3. To obtain the Prismaticrecaster, you must win a Strike or Crucible match.
  4. Twisted Energy can be used to upgrade the Prismatic Recaster.
  5. This grants you an Umbral Engram and an Umbral Decoder

It is possible that you won’t get it from the drifter the first time. You must kill Gambit bosses until you unlock it

Unlock other Weapons: Threaded Needle. Hawkmoon. Witherhoard. Ace of Spades. Forerunner. Gjallarhorn.

What does the Prismatic Recaster do?

This is what you need in order to open umbral-engrams (alongside the decoder threshold you will receive at the same time), as you can’t open them through the Eververse or the Cryptarch.

You can also lower the cost of umbral engrams if the Prismaticcaster is higher. You can also get Umbral Engrams that contain Altered Element by completing Bounties with the Prismaticrecaster or buying a Trade Override containing legendary shards.

These steps will allow you to concentrate your engram and choose the rewards you are most interested in. You will also be able increase your Umbral Research Rank. Maximize your Umbral Research Rank to get the best rewards.


The Prismatic Recaster, in other words, enhances the benefits of Umbral Engrams.

How do you Level Up the Prismatic Recaster

Once you have Twisted Energy, return to The Drifter to inspect the Prismaticrecaster. To level up your machine, you will be able deposit your Twisted Energy.