How to unlock the Fire Ball in NBA 2K22

How do you unlock the Fire Ball in NBA 2K22 In this article, you can find out how to unlock the Fire Ball. Keep watching and follow this short guide.


The amazing fireball is unlocked by using MyCareer and MyTeam So we’ll show you both ways to do it.


How do I open the Fire Ball in NBA 2K22 – MyCareer

To get the fireball in MyCareer it is necessary to play a total of 10 games in the park.

If you win 10 games and the basketball lights up as a real ball of flame. When you have it however, you need to be cautious since rivals could arrive, which could cause damage to the court, or even play with the basketball.

The fireball on MyCareer will not forever It will be very rare to forever observe it.

How do I unblock The Fire Ball in NBA 2K22 MyTeam Fire Ball MyTeam Fire Ball

Contrarily In MyTeam the fireball is guaranteed to last forever However, it’s extremely difficult to get.

You have to unblock all basketball levels within MyTeam which includes:


  • x5 Bronze-tier basketballs
  • x11 Silver-tier basketballs
  • x10 Gold-tier basketballs
  • Special balls for all the time.

You can acquire all the basketballs you want through playing, or purchase them at auction with real money.

Onceyou’ve had collected the bronze, silver or gold basketballs also collect the balls that are special:

  • The Holographic Ball
  • Vintage Ball
  • Beach Ball
  • Pink Diamond Ball
  • Diamond Ball
  • Amethyst Ball

How do you unlock the Special Balls?

Here’s how to unlock each one of these:

  • Holographic Ball > Find the equivalent of 10 each Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald Token Reward players.
  • The Vintage Ball > Collect all East Conference Balls
  • Beach Ball > Collect all West Conference Balls
  • Pink Diamond Ball > Redeem 5 Pink Diamond Tokens Reward Players
  • Diamond Ball > Tokens 5 Diamonds Reward Players
  • Amethyst Ball > Collect 5 Amethyst Token Reward Players

After all the balls are collected, you will be able to discover the Fire Ball. The Ball is used in the MyTeam game. It has distinct animation of flames moving. It looks exactly like Basketball 2K21’s Fire Ball.