How to use Ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Sigma?

How to use Ninpo for Ninja Gaiden Sigma – Ki requirements, Equip the Ninpo, and Ninpo controls on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC


You will need to learn how the Ninpo works, what it does, and how to do it.


How to use Ninpo within Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Requirement The Ninpo eats Ki. To be able to use it, you need to have enough Ki.

How do you Equip the Ninpo

It is important to first equip it.

  1. Click on Equipment in the main menu
  2. Double-press your D-pad.
  3. Choose the Ninpo you like and confirm your selection

Ninpo controls

After you have your Ninpo equipped, it’s easy to attack with it. You must simultaneously press the Strong Attack + Projectile weapons button and the Control Button. These buttons vary depending on the console you are using.

  • PS3 + Triangle
  • Xbox: B
  • Nintendo Switch: X + A
  • PC: Ninja Gaiden Sigma doesn’t support keyboard or mouse, so you’ll have to use one of the other controllers.

How to Use Ninpo in Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Every Ninpo can be useful in specific situations. Although we believe there is one ninpo that shines above all others, there may be more appropriate ninpos for certain circumstances.

  • Fire Wheels are great for Doku 2 (spirit).
  • Fire is great against bosses and single-target enemies.
  • Ice can be wonderful when someone is in the corner
  • Lightning at Lv3 can kill most enemies in one shot (probably best).

We recommend that you test them all to decide which one you prefer. We hope you have cleared up any doubts and are now able to use the Ninpo.