How to watch Wholesome Direct 2022

Saturday’s Wholesome Direct will feature nearly 100 indie games. This showcase, which is Nintendo-style, features “thoughtful and uplifting” games.

The broadcast will be at 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time (EDT ) on Twitch or YouTube. You can also watch the embedded video above. This is the third year of Wholesome Direct. It was launched in 2020, after industry events like GDC and E3. The broadcast returned in 2021, with a second broadcast that featured 75 indie games from a variety genres.

The Wholesome Direct will not only feature exclusive footage and reveals, but also interviews with developers about the debuts and release dates. Snufkin, Melody of Moominvalley and Coffee Talk Episode 2: Terra Nil, SCHiMMail Time are some of the games that will be displayed Saturday.

Wholesome Games organizers stated in a press release that “One of our goals is to change the way we think about games being taken seriously.” “For years, the most critically-acclaimed titles have been those with dark themes and depictions of life. But there are many hopeful video games that offer rich storytelling, innovative gameplay and beautiful art and sound.