Hunter Training OSRS

Hunter Training OSRS- The simplest and fastest training method.


Hunter Training OSRS – The Easiest Method

Levels 1-9: Natural History Quiz

You will achieve level 9 by completing the Natural History Quiz at Varrock Museum.


Levels 9-44/80/99 Bird house trapping

The bird house run involves setting up traps for birds on Fossil Island and filling them in with the appropriate seeds. The player will then take down the traps to earn Hunter experience and loot and set them up for the next run.

Enjoy a single birdhouse birdhouse (full-size)

  • Level 5 Hunter > 280 Xp
  • Level 14 Hunter > 420 Xp
  • Level 24 Hunter > 560 Xp
  • Level 34 Hunter > 700 Xp
  • Level 44 Hunter > 820 Xp
  • Level 49 Hunter > 960 Xp
  • Level 59 Hunter > 1.020 Xp
  • Level 74 Hunter > 1.140 Xp
  • Level 89 Hunter > 1.200 Xp

Levels 44-99 : Drift net fishing

The most efficient way to teach both Fishing and Hunter simultaneously. Fossil Island’s underwater area is where drift net fishing can be done (requires Bone Voyage).

The player must have a fishbowl helmet, as well as the diving apparatus, in order to swim underwater for long periods of time. These can be purchased from the Pirate Pete subquest of Recipe for Disaster. Flippers are required to swim faster. These can only be obtained by killing mogres. To chase fish into drift nets, a merfolk or uncharged trident is required. You will also need stamina potions

Hunter Training OSRS – Fastest Training Methods

Levels 1-9: Natural History Quiz

You will achieve level 9 by completing the Natural History Quiz at Varrock Museum.


Levels 7-15: Feldip Weasels

You can reach the Feldip Hunter region south of Yanille by using the fairy-ring a k s, and then running south-west using a Feldip hills scroll or a ring for dueling teleporting to Castle Wars, and then running south

Levels 15 to 29: Ruby harvests + Copper longtails

Just south of the Piscatoris Hunter, you will find the fairy ring . Alternately, players can run south-west using a Piscatoris Teleport. Two bird snares are required, along with a butterfly net and some butterfly jars.

Levels 29-43: Swamp lizards

Just north-west from Slepe, in the Canifis Hunter region, is Southeast Canifis. For each trap, you will need a small fishing net and a rope to capture lizards.

Levels 43-60: Falconry

Rent a gyr falcon in the Piscatoris falconry region east of the fairy rings for 500 coins

Levels 60-67 : Red salamanders

The entrance to the Ourania Cave is located south. It can be reached using the Ourania Teleport (71 Magic) from the Lunar spellbook or by running north teleporting into Castle Wars.


Levels 67-73 : Black salamanders

The Wilderness’ Boneyard Hunter region. You can teleport to Chaos Temple using a burning amulet, run north-east, or use the games necklace to teleport directly to the Corporeal Beast Lair.

Levels 73-99 : Black Chinchompas

Completion of the Eagles Peak quest is required

You can use a Wilderness Obelisk to get from the player’s house, east of the Corporeal Beast cave, to level 35 Wilderness. It is also recommended that you run a little south-east.

Hunter Training OSRS – Required Items

  • Noose wand for tracking kebbits at levels 1-15
  • Bird snares are used to capture birds at levels 1-29.
  • For levels 15-33, use a butterfly net and 5-20+ jars of butterflies to capture them.
  • Level 33-47: Axe and knife for deadfall trap kebbits
  • Small fishing nets and rope-to-net trap swamp lizards and salamanders starting at level 29, 47, respectively.
  • Box trap for Chinchompas, starting from level 53

Hunter Training OSRS – Recommended Quests

  • Bone Voyage is required to access Fossil island, which is needed for drift net fishing and bird trapping.
  • Start Fairytale II – Cure a Queen to get the fairy rings.
  • For any chinchompas to be caught, Eagle’s Peak must be reached.
    • For quick access to hunting areas, it is recommended that you complete the Wilderness Diary if you plan to capture black chinchompas.
    • It is highly recommended to complete Song of the Elves and the Western Provinces Diary if you are planning on catching carnivorous Chinchompas.