Hunter X Athena Controls Roblox

Roblox HunterX Athena Controls-PC (Keyboard) – Jog, Dash, Meditate Kurta Eyes Heavy Punch Kurta Eyes Swim, Climb and many more


Hunter X Athena controls Roblox – Complete List

These are the PC Keyboard Controls for Hunter X Athena

  • Left Alt Shift Lock
  • Q: Dash
  • Double Tap W: Jog (Doesn’t use stamina)
  • Double Tap W + Left Shift: Run (Uses stamina & trains Run Exp)
  • F Block
  • Left button: Punch
  • Right button: Heavy punch (requires Shinft Lock)
  • Double Space on Wall: Climb
  • J – Pushups
  • M – Meditate
  • K: Kurta Eyes (Kurta Clan Exclusive)
  • CTRL (while swimming): Swim Down
  • Shift (while swimming): Swim up

Common Controls

These controls are standard to Roblox games, so we’ve put them aside. You probably don’t need any help to perform these actions.

  • WASD: Move around
  • W & Up Arrow: Moving Forward
  • S & Down Arrow: Go Backward
  • A & Left Arrow: Move Left
  • D & Right Arrows: Move Right
  • Jump into Space
  • L-CTRL: Crouch
  • 1,2,3 …: Unquip Tools & Equip Tools
  • Backspace Tool
  • Z: Equip & Unequip Camera
  • H: Whistle
  • F12: Record video
  • F9: Dev Console
  • Shift: Mouselock
  • F10: Graphics Level
  • F11: FullScreen
  • Ctrl + Shift+ F7: Perf. Stats
  • Q & E: Lean L/R
  • Mouse wheel: Zoom in / out
  • I: Zoom In
  • O: Zoom Out
  • Use the Camera button by clicking on the right mouse button
  • Esc: Roblox Menu
  • o: Backpack
  • Tab: Playerlist
  • Chat

Hunter X Athena controls Roblox – Xbox & Mobile

We have a separate section just for you if you’re a Mobile or Xbox user and you don’t know how to do something.

Mobile Controls

Soon to be added

Xbox Controls

Hunter x Athena has not yet been released on Xbox. We will update this guide once it becomes available so you can perform every action from your controller.