I want to play her before I die. Stream icon Skyrim Grandmas funny Elder Scrolls 6 pleads pity with me

Shirley Curry, an 86 year-old YouTuber known as Skyrim Grandma joined the chorus asking Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls VI.

Katharine Castle, from Rock Paper Shotgun, interviewed Todd Howard, Bethesda director, and asked her what she would tell him if she could. He laughed as she urged him to accelerate the development side.

Image courtesy of Bethesda

I’d ask him for a cool game and ask him to hurry up to finish The Elder Scrolls VI. She said that she wanted to play it before he died. The Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim, was finally released in 2011.

Many fans share Curry’s despair. Bethesda has confirmed that it won’t be free until Starfield launches, which was originally scheduled for Nov 2022, but had delays up to mid-2023.

She has two reasons to urge the Elder Scrolls VI developers not to hold back: her age, and the fact that she will forever be immortalized by the game’s addition of a non-playable character.


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Curry stated that his favorite thing about Skyrim is the people telling her they were inspired to play the series or got it because of her. It still feels surreal. There is a chance that the effects of Curry’s character being released during The Elder Scrolls VI will be multiplied.

This would be a great way to make a lasting impression on your community.