Icarus Cave Map

Icarus Cave Map- All caves marked in high resolution on a map. They are classified according to what they contain inside.


Icarus Cave Map – Full HQ Map


This is the most detailed map available on the internet for Icarus in High Quality. Click the map to enlarge and click inside to zoom in on an area that is most interesting to you. There are more caves than you might think, but some are more interesting than others.


The map shows all caves marked with cave entrance symbols (something similar to a white horseshoe). The most interesting caves are those marked with red marks or yellow arrows. We meant what we said before, when we stated that they were ordered according to what they possess inside.

Icarus Cave Map – Cave Locations & Resources

The majority of caves can be found in the central region. However, the caves located within the boundaries of the map are larger and more fascinating.

  • Central Caves: Most are small but are perfect for praying and are close together. Caves can be found in H10, I10, H10 and G9 as well as H9, H8, H8 and J7.
  • Southeast caves – We recommend O14 and N15, but in general all caves in the southeast range from medium in size to interesting
  • Northeast caves We recommend the Waterfall Cave (O3) and the associated caves (N4). However, all caves in the Northeast tend to be medium-sized and interesting.
  • Southwest caves – We haven’t explored much of the Southwest, but there are a few caves that are small and plentiful. If you’re interested in any, you can find it on this map.
  • Norhwest caves – We haven’t explored much of the north side of the map, but there are a few caves that are small and plentiful. If you’re interested in any, you can find them on the map

We warn you, however, that they may not always be there and they might not always be open. Please refer to the next section for further information.

Cave Mechanics – Hidden Caves

Caves can be either open, closed (blocked by rocks), or locked.


Use the pickaxe to locate hidden caves. The cave will sound like a bell. You have discovered an active Cave if stone breaks off. If it continues to ‘clink, it means that you have found the cave. However, it is still locked in this prospect.