Idle Angels Tier List

Idle Angels Tier List All characters are in the list are ranked from Tier C (the most excellent) up through Tier C (the most shabby)


Idle Angels Tier List – All-round

PvP Arena / Glory Arena / Clash of Titans / PvE Sky-tower / Star Trial / PvE World Boss

  • Tier S: Icarus, Hera, Ra, Cupid, Chaos, Heimdall
  • Tier A: Hades, Erebus, Valkyrie, Gaia, Amaterasu, Michael, Main Angel
  • Tier B: Zhu Rong, Izu Dancer, Odin, Xmas Angel, Fuxi, Lucifer, Hephaestus
  • Tier C: Izanami, Pandora, Nuit, Princess Bari, Nemesis, Medusa, Shennong

Idle Angels Tier List – Healers/Buffers

Every character that is part of the Buffers or Healers team.

  • Tier S: Hera, Cupid, Nuwa
  • Tier A: Xmas Angel, Izu Dancer, Main Angel
  • Tier B: Hephaestus, Poseidon
  • Tier C: Nephthys, Raphael

Idle Angels Tier List – Tankers

Angels excellent (front line position between 1 and 3)

  • Tier S: Heimdall, Erebus
  • Tier A: Hades, Lucifer, Main Angel, Chaos, Michael, Valkyrie
  • Tier B: Hephaestus, Gaia, Cupid, Hera, Izu Dancer
  • Tier C: Fuxi, Jeanne d’Arc, Nemesis, Geb, Raphael, Sif, Anubis, Nephthys

Idle Angels Tier List – Niche Versus Dungeon Boss

Bosses aren’t affected (any D-buffs are not affected.)

  • Tier S: Ra, Cupid, Hera, Heimdall
  • Tier A: Icarus, Hades, Lucifer, Gaia, Erebus, Odin, Valkyrie, Main Angel
  • Tier B: Hephaestus, Princess Bari, Izanami
  • Tier C: Idun, Phantasos, Jeanne d’Arc, Medusa, Nike, Geb, Belldandy, Xiwangmu, Anubis, Apep

Idle Angels Tier List – Niche Versus Guild Boss

Bosses who can be affected (debuffs such as Ignite & Poison)


  • Tier S: Ra, Lucifer, Siren, Icarus, Odin
  • Tier A: Zhu Rong, Hades, Heimdall, Valkyrie, Main Angel
  • Tier B: Gaia, Nike, Princess Bari, Xiwangmu, Izanami, Tsukuyomi
  • Tier C: Apep, Lilith, Sif

About the Game

We recommend that you study the whole article prior to playing as we will provide you with some tips to enhance your playing experience..

The game focuses around Angels (sexy Angels), to upgrade and collect the Angels, you can also compete with your pals.

  • Idle System: fights continuously, even when you’re not online Your angels will take care of it!
  • Equiment: There are a variety of options for equipment also means you can easily acquire gems and it’s not necessary to purchase them in the shops.
  • Battle Strategy: Create an individual strategy. select the best angel, match the appropriate skills, and choose the appropriate equipment.
  • A lot of games to play: idle mode combat system, adventure tasks , Angel collecting, as well as training and awakening! The game has been completely developedand you are able to access PVP mode as well as fights between guilds.
  • Friendship: You will be able to play with your buddies (if you wish) because this game permits the. You can become the most powerful and outclass your rivals in PVP.

Some of the players Gacha game which makes you buy items, but if are patient you can create an adequate team and progress pretty quickly; quite rapidly. Within 2 hours, I managed to make the level 27 with my angels at an average level 40+, equipment that was the same and upgraded, as well as my fighting skills being over the 20…

A few suggestions for beginners players

Another video to help beginners You can check it out for a brief video (thanks to YouTube: Naf)