Inside the Backrooms Code

In the Backrooms Code Elevator safe Box located in the Office Room, and other codes and puzzles you will require

The code is randomly generated however the method to obtain it will always be the same:

Inside the Backrooms Code – Elevator Solution

There is a corridor that has numbers on across both ends. On one side, you will see the code numbers , while the ones on the other side are the number.

The columns with an asterisk in the back are indicating the order. Additionally, the columns that are on the other side will have only numbers from 1 to 4.

Find the column that is marked with “1” and a hastag (#) after it the number that is in front of this is actually the number 1 of the code. The second number in it is the one which is located in the column’s front that is a “2” and a hastag (#) following it. And so on

Inside the Backrooms Code – Other Codes

We provide you with brief guides and solutions for other game codes

  • Safe Box located in the Office Room: the bodies lying on the floor, they’re a keypad, and the ones that have bleeding are keys that you have to click to turn off before opening

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Video Guide

If you aren’t sure how to access the columns that have numbers, or have other questions, we offer you with this video from ZSqmmy. In it, you will discover that the elevator game is much simpler than it seems.

About Inside the Backrooms

In The Backrooms are a co-op online horror game that can accommodate up to 3 players. you and your companions be battling to get out of the various levels of backrooms and solve various puzzles that have different mechanics for each of them.

The game is based on the classic creepypasta, with numerous real-life references, such as famous entities and essential elements. You’ll have to go through each area, searching for items that allow you progress through the game and discover new areas. The farther you progress, the more risky it becomes so you need to pay careful focus on the area be aware of each creature and learn how to stay clear of them in order to stay alive.