Insider The Warzone 2 will be released several months after the Second Modern War

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II’s exact release date is October 28, 2022. Next week, on the 8th June, will be the full-fledged demo.

Players are still waiting for Call of Duty Modern Warfare II this year, as well as Warzone 2. While Activision Blizzard has confirmed the development of Warzone 2, it has not been officially announced. Expert on the exputer site, Tom Henderson claims that Warzon 2 will be released within the next few months.

Warzone 2 was discussed in a company meeting earlier this year. It was decided that Warzone 2 would release several months after MW2 launch rather than the 5-6 months it had been rumored to have taken.

The deadline to release Warzone 2 is December 2022.