Interview about the launch of gaming apparel with PUMA

The launch of the apparel collection will include the participation of XSET co-owner and game industry personality. The collection will be available in select retailers starting July 29th. RKDO includes jerseys, hoodies and track pants as well as shorts, track pants, leggings, leggings and a camper. Prices range from $35 to $100.

Simon will be the face of the brand’s first campaign. Simon will be modeling the new RKDO hoodie, and leggings. Simon is most well-known as a speaker and host in the videogame and esports industries.

In November, she became a part owner of XSET. Simon spoke with Esports Insider to discuss her relationship with a brand that shared her values and why it was important for her to be associated with it. Growing up and playing soccer my whole life, PUMA was an influential brand in my life.

When I was a broadcaster, I saw a lot about what PUMA was doing. I was impressed by the advocacy for diversity and inclusion that people like Angela Wong and Matt Shaw made. This is something that I hold dearly.

Simon met the team after she had connected with them via her agents. She stated that everyone was aligned on many different issues, including diversity and gender equality, as well as inclusion initiatives. Simon stated that it was an incredible moment to find a company that believes in the same things as he does.

Simon was made an official brand ambassador and helped to create the RKDO collection. She moved us is an online platform that promotes female role models in culture and sports. Simon stated that he was close to the team.

It was a great thing to hear that they encouraged me to be who I am. There are many important initiatives in the gaming and esports industry. I joke that I was born in New York so I am very blunt.

They appreciated it. This is a great feeling. Simon saw a side to partnerships she hadn’t seen before she began the collaboration.

Although reporting on these partnerships is a partial view of talent involvement it does not give a complete picture of Simon’s involvement in the collection. Simon wishes that she had a role model such as this when she was growing up. She stated that she didn’t see many people like her in broadcasting.

The fact that the company claimed to own you was a key factor in this partnership. This makes me want do what we are trying to do. It’s nice to see a brand work with an ambassador who shares the same values.

Simon will use brand affinity to become a role model, not just for young women and LGBTQIA members. Learn more about this summer.