Is Guilty Gear Getting a Balance Change Today? – 18 Slices Out for Balance Changes The 10th of June

Arc System Works released Guilty gear Strive update 1.18 for PS5 today. This update includes 20 characters that can be added to the game’s roster. The game has also been updated with quite a few additional features. Below is the complete Guilty Gear Strive June 10, document.


Universal Mechanics

We made it harder to perform poorly used moves. Techniques require special inputs. The controls are also more comfortable.

System Changes

Roman Cancel Cancelling into special or normal moves with a Roman Cancel causes an error. The Tension gauge reduces costs.

Counter Hit Some counter hits such as Crouching K and Standing P are slowing down, making it difficult to predict when they will arrive.

Faultless Defense. We were able to see the light and make improvements. Often, an ordinary attack would occur when Faultless Defence was activated under certain conditions. We added a Faultless Defense button to solve the problem.

It was the revised NIP process.

For moving with the same input, both for ground and aerial versions. Baikens Tatami Gaeshi (QCF+ K Air OK) is a good example.

To make it clear that the ground and aerial versions can be used in different ways, many characters should know that if a special move is input as a jump start, the aerial version will go out at a low altitude mid-air if the direction was upwards (Up, Up-forward, or Up-back). This required strict input requirements. The grounded versions were made to activate regardless of whether an up-to date output was included.

Note on MoveInputs

A.H., the QCF and Dragon Punch special moves. This patch is unchanged. It’s the input mechanism. Dragon punch can be used in conjunction with a QCF or a Dragon Punch to prioritize. It is also prioritized with HCF.

This was previously implemented as an invisible mechanic. However, we decided to make it public in light of the above changes in the way that the move inputs are handled.

You can make special moves by moving your car from the front to the back. This will allow you to have a hand before you rush. Although it serves many purposes, this change is intended to make it easier to use overdrives when a portion of the input is the exact same as a special move. Fausts W-W What Could That Be?

Normal Moves Input Priority for Normal Moves In certain circumstances, the inputs that are permitted to crouch norms or command norms will be prioritized above standing norms. Far Standing Notes would have been out if you had previously entered Down+S during Close Notes. Crouching S would have been out without this change.

Additional Universal Changes for Characters

Jumping Attacks We adjusted the blowback effect to reduce the number of hits, as many characters used jumping P less than other aerial attacks.

Dash Cancels Although it was only available to certain characters, only those who have dashes are now able to dash their Standing K or Close Standing S.

You don’t have to use an offensive option. There are many other tactics you can employ.

Total Damage Adjustments: 14% Certain highly-used moves have been reduced in damage. Counterattacks and overdrives that are very effective have had their attack and recovery revised to decrease the damage they sustain. In the reverse, they will save their enemy and punish them if they are blocked.


Roman Cancel Take off in either the normal or the special direction and then turn off the slow down effect. The opponent must be within range of the slow-down effect to activate it. The Tension gauge is slowly decreasing now. Yellow Roman Cancel is exempted from this restriction.

Cancel at Blue Romans. Cancel at Blue Romans.

Purple Roman Cancellation! This made it easier to cancel the time and get the normal change. When an attack occurs, the slow-down effect of Purple Roman Cancels ceases.

Red cancels at the red. There is no other way to apply the shock waves of Red Roman Cancel.

Blue Psych Burst is the Blue Ghost of the Moon. To start the new stance, the player taps Psych Burst.

Psych Burst Fixed an issue where activation of the hitbox for psychabunds was delayed in certain circumstances. The speed of the character activating up to a certain height in the air will now decrease.

Click the dash button to perform a backslam.

Input Priority Moves that require a Down supply, such as crouching norms or moves that require a Forward output, are now prioritized above a standing normal or jump normal.

There are a few jumping normals. The opponent’s power and movement on hit will change depending on their current speed. This modification is applicable to jumping normals that were not affected previously by this mechanic.

You can cancel special moves into an Overdrive until your move is complete.

Some Overdrives Some Overdrives can now be affected by previous movement, such as dash momentum.

Faultless Defense has added a Security Notification button. The amount of power that is thrown at the ground increases the difficulty in blocking attacks.

Wall Stick Wall Stick is activated by the Super Flash of Overdrives.

Wall Break Corrected an error where the distance between characters was diverted following the Wall Break sequence, depending on the circumstances like the stage at which Wall Break was activated by an Overdrive.

Throws Fixed an issue where R.I.S.C. was not working correctly Level would be depleted more than expected when Roman Cancel is activated during a throw under certain conditions.

To move, you will need to turn on the modem switch. When he cancels jump normals, the character switches to the opposite direction and begins to move.

Jump Landing: Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed only crouching moves under certain conditions.

Standing P Now can cause a slowdown in counter hit.

Standing K Now causes slow-down to respond to counter hit.

Crouching P Now causes a slow-down effect upon counterattack.

Crouching K Now causes slowdown of counter hit.

Jumping to P Now activates a slow-down effect on counter hits

Jumping K Now causes slowdown of counter hit.

Standing K can be retracted

This does not apply to Nagoriyuki and Potemkin.

If used multiple times in the same combination, now launches opponent less often

Close Standing S. could be cancelled immediately This does not apply to Nagoriyuki and Potemkin. If used multiple times in the same combination, this will launch an opponent less often.

Some Hurtboxes adjusted the size of certain pieces and took damage. Expanded hit boxes have been added to those that were harder than others and were used in combinations.

You can find more information about the character balance in this dropdown.

This is what happened with the patch notes. Guilty Gear Strive now available for PC, PS5 & PS4.