iTzSTU4RT added to a caster squad of 2022 Wild Rift Icons Global Championship I’m ready to prove myself

The 2022 Wild Rift Icons Global Championship broadcast talent lineup has been announced. It includes Britain’s iTzSTU4RT Gilson.

The Icons final is the World Championship for League of Legends mobile title Wild Rift. From the 14th to the 9th June 2022, the lillogical games take place at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre Singapore.

This network consists of three European iTzSTU4RTs and one Dutch iTzSTU4RT. Here is the complete list, including region:

  • Grandon SEA
  • Mika SEA
  • Omo SEA
  • Riku SEA
  • HellsDevil EU
  • iTzSTU4RT EU
  • Kangas NA
  • Raafaa NA
  • TJ NA
  • dGon NA

I’M GOING TO THE WORLDSSSS. She is THE ONE who LOVES to put on a GREAT SHOW! Can’t wait to get started. I’m going to the WORLDSSSS.YES IM HERE, ALSO WHY I DO PUT ON A GREAT SHOW!Cant wait for me!

Play-ins stage, which is the second half of June; the group stage between April 21 & October and the knockout stage between June 11 – 9

After finishing third at the Wild Rift eMEA Final last year, is now the UK’s largest sports organization. They also have UK player Snitch and will be taking on Korean giants T1 at Icons.

Riot Games has $2m in prize money, but Riot Games also shares the most valuable revenue from Majestic Empress Morgana skins sales. This will be split equally between the top olympic team at the tournament.

Through the Wild Rift channel you may be able give a customized resemblance of Twitch. This includes the Wild Rift in game reward for each stage: an icon frame, emote, recall effect, and a frame.

This is the first Icons full final in the Wild Rifts’ first season. It also marks the second Icons final with the Horizon Cup. The tournament was first held in season zero.

Icons were originally from Europe but were moved to Singapore due to delays in visa applications caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Before the Wild Rift EMEA Championship 2022 Season 1 Final, we interviewed iTzSTU4RT and then met up again to discuss the Icons broadcast team.

I’ve never been to Singapore, so this is my first time. It’s exciting because I only started planning a year ago, back in October 2021. I had no idea that I would be traveling to Singapore for the world champion.

I would like to see everyone from different parts of the country and support Europe and all their teams. I’m ready to prove my worth, it is something I can do and what I see myself doing at the office. Now I am ready to watch this tiny film.

China and Korea are likely to be the most popular countries in the tournament. FPX and KT Roster will respectively. Thunder Talk and Da Kun, both Chinese teams, finished first and second, respectively. China was clearly the favorite. There are also four competing teams at Icons.

I think I’m ready to prove my worth. This is something that I am capable of doing and I can see myself continuing to do long-term. I have a dedicated congregation that comes into the stream and wants to give them a great show.


Wild Rift looks very similar to PC League, according to me. The mobile market in Eastern countries is more dominant than the Western worlds, with China and Korea dominating the field. Mobile games in the eastern regions are still a hot topic. Brazil, America, and Brazil have high scores.

Stuart giggles when asked his opinion on the zooming in of videos of iTzSTU4RTs by Hotdrops head for social media Nathan Edmonds.

He said it was funny because he had done that before. I let my laughter flow. I am fortunate to have Sara Leghari and Nathan Edmonds as my support. I also have many friends and family members who are excited about Icons.

Although I haven’t been able yet to tell anyone in the community, I believe they’ll be excited for my work and if word gets out. I wasn’t able to answer any questions on my channel, but many people asked me if I was going Icons. A dedicated society follows me on my channel and wants to see them perform well.

Wild Rift was launched in 2020.